Swimwear bulges

One of my favorite subjects is Swim wear bulges. One of the things I enjoy the most at the beach is seeing men and women in revealing swim wear and checking out their bulges. I guess you could call it bulge watching? The beach today was beautiful and I was with a group of friends and family, today I was wearing the Beach Voyeur. This quick blog is about other peoples bulges and there were some interesting ones. Right as we walked to the beach there was a couple, speaking French and if it is possible they looked French too. She was on her stomach wearing a tiny thong her very nice ass exposed completely, very European with the legs spread wide open, they are so care free! You could clearly see her pussy bulge, bulging lips that looked as big as my bulge in a fem suit. Very nice. They must of been n there late 30's early 40's he was in a seat wearing a very high cut thong, not one of ours but it looked nice on him. I would have preferred a lower cut on him. There are always such nice bulges to check out a LA beaches and I could spend and hour listing some of the great ones I saw today but I will offer you just one more. There was a lady in her late 40s laying out near us and in fact her bulge was so large at
first I thought it was a guy in a string bikini and a tiny little t-shirt top. With the things we do nothing is to unusual to me. After checking her out and seeing her walk down to the water I knew it was a women. She was trim and very nice looking with a small bust, sexy as hell. I walked over in my tiny bikini and made a little small talk. I am not even sure what we talked about and I hope thinking back that she did not notice I was talking to her bulge. No shit what ever she had in there I would have loved to see. Giant labia, lips who knows but her bulge was nearly the size of mine. How hot is that!

For the guys who keep asking for a link here it is
I am biased no doubt but I think it is the worlds hottest men's swim wear

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  • 6/27/2009 10:27 PM Wes wrote:
    Hi Michael,
    First, I agree with you that we're spoiled with great bodies to watch in LA. And being almost naked in a Koala at Venice is much more exciting than running nude at San Onofre.
    But Michael, when I ask for a link, I mean to the specific suit you're referencing. It would be enjoyable to visualize the specific suit you're discussing.
    BTW, I'm still waiting for you to come up with a faux-modest hotel suit (with just a string between the legs!)
    Best people-watching wishes,

    I think we have some suits like that but I am wondering how much rear and front coverage are you talking about?

    p.s. will try links to specific suits in the future

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    1. 6/29/2009 12:08 PM Wes wrote:
      I need a brief, but modest, bikini for hotels. Speedo 1" is 'acceptable' everywhere I go. But it would be hot if there were only a tiny string between the legs, to flash people without seeming obvious. (Any place that accepts a thong automatically gets my Envy g-string!)
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  • 6/28/2009 2:37 AM Vitor wrote:
    I also like to see the bulges at the beach, and, despite being straight and preferring to see women and imagining what's underneath, i must say i also look at men's bulges (as i believe that they do with mine). Yesterday i was at the beach, wearing the answer bikini, in "thong back" version; i packed the full back to the front of the bikini, giving my cock an "artificial upgrade" in size. Even after dipping in the water, it sure looked larger than it actually is. Of course, for the rest of the people at the beach, excluding my wife, it must have left some intriguing thoughts, regarding that big size bulge...
    I enjoyed it very much and i get turned on thinking about what others imagine when they see me with these suits
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  • 7/6/2009 5:27 AM JOHN wrote:
    I agree that looking at beach bulges, especially men's, is a real turn on. Life is too uptight as it is. Show your manhood and be proud of what nature gave you. If only all beaches were nude. We Americans need to appreciate nature more than we do.
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