My unlined first Speedo

My first Speedo happened years ago but the memory is fresh. One of those first experiences that never leaves you.
Back then it was hard to find a decent selection of Speedos unless you went to a swimwear store. I went to the swimwear store that was located at a training center, they offered swim lessons and scuba and had tons of Speedos for men and women.
I guess I can say for men though I was just a teenager.I remember being so nervous even going into the shop and I am sure the lady working there new it right away. I picked out a few suits and she told me to try them on. First problem: I got hard the second I put on the Speedo and the spandex touched my cock, second I got wet, most likely I was wet at the thought of putting it on before I even had it on.
Each time I would put one on the girl would tell me to show her. It's funny how now with our micro suits that a speedo seems huge like wearing a ton of clothes but to a new bee like me coming out of the changing room was like showing myself nude. I worked up the courage and came out hard-on and all. Thinking back to when I was a teen I am pretty sure I was hard for about 5 years straight Middle school through high school.
The sales lady helped me pick out the best fitting suit and made me feel at ease.I could see she noticed my hard cock but did not say a thing. I sure with all the guys coming in she had seen many a hard cock.The only embarrassing part was when I came out to show the third suit there was another lady with her teen daughter looking for a suit. They both saw me in my tiny small sized speedo, I am sure I turned red but lets face it girls are just more mature at that
age and she took a look and went on shopping. She had no problem at all trying on her skin tight speedo in front of everyone. It would have given me a hard-on seeing her in that suit but I was already hard! I made my first purchase and took it home, One of the things I clearly remember is realizing that if I cut the liner out if would fit that much better.Carefully cutting the liner out and slipping the Speedo on took me to a whole new level of spandex infatuation. Most of you know speedos keep guys flat
not showing much bulge but with the liner remover you could see my hard shaft with it veins popping right through the fabric. I wondered why anyone would use a liner but found the answer to that question the first time I would wear it to the beach.
Before showing off my new speedo and maybe even joining the schools swim team I needed a tan. So I took the bus down to the beach wearing my speedo under my shorts. I did not bring another suit because I new if I had a pair of swim trunks I might chicken out and wear those instead.I got down to the beach set up my towel and slipped of my shorts ready to get a speedo style tan, the thought of a speedo tan line was as small as I could imagine at that time and wondered what the boys in the locker room would think (another story in itself)
This first time you are in public wearing something so small you have the tendency to check yourself out. Lots of people were walking by and looking and yes I was hard every second I was down there. To think back then I wished it would get soft so I could blend in. that always being hard was awful. How times change, yes I yearn for those days of a perpetual erection.My shaft and the shape of my balls could be clearly seen through the fabric. I had an older guy lay-out right next to me and thought to myself there is an entire beach why would he choose to be right on top of me.
It did not take long to understand he was looking for action. After the words Hi, his next words were nice pouch. Not knowing what to say and being shocked by a man telling me that, I decided to take a dip. When I got out of the water, I learned why speedos have liners. My light color suit changed into a sheer suit. With at least 30 people between me and my towel and a strange guy sitting next to me, I walked out of the water and everyone looked. My shaft showing like the suit was completely transparent. Yes I was shocked by the thought of walking in front of all these people fully exposed but at the same time
there was something very exciting about it. The man laying out next to me took one look and I am sure his first thought was dinner is served. When he asked me more questions I told him I was just here to relax and get a tan and asked him if he could give me some space. I think he got the message and moved away.
That first speedo has so many stories in it but this was the first!

Without that first speedo experience I am not sure if I would have neded up on the path that took me to Koala.
Since I love the products we make I guess I owe Speedo some love!

Mens swimwear


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  • 3/29/2010 11:56 AM dennis wrote:
    i have been where you were only not as a teen but as a 30 year old. i wanted to show more and started to cut the lining out of my speedos. i was vacationing in san juan and had a white speedo with me with the lining cut out. around 8 o'clock at night i decided to take a dip in the pool. put on my white speedos checked myself out in the mirror and thought ok. when i got to the pool there were no towels but i said its warm i don't need one. when i got out of the pool i was basically nude. everything showed. the problem was the door locked behing you and i had no choice but to enter thru the hotel loby and take the elevator up. the loby was jammed with people all dressed up going to dinner. decided to just hold my head high and strolled past many people who were staring at me. and guess what i wore that suit many times after that.
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  • 3/29/2010 2:35 PM rob wrote:
    Oh poor DM! I've worn a speedo style suit since being a young teen (or tweeen)and never ever experienced anything like what you describe - as much fun as it was to read about! But then, I was raised in a more Euro-centric environment and such a concern would not have been comprehended. By contrast, wearing brown shoes to dinner might raise eyebrows, but never a bulging speedo at beach or pool. Even in the middle east where we lived for a while, men customarily wore little speedoesque suits to swim. Tek Ker -Rob
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  • 3/29/2010 5:07 PM Wes wrote:
    Me, too! I remember thinking, "I'll die if anybody sees me in this Speedo!" Of course I was as hard as any teenager as I stripped on the beach, nervous as hell. But within 5 minutes I was rolling the waist band down and wishing the back was briefer. That's all I wore for years until the first time I tried a thong; that lasted one day, and it's been Koala g-strings ever since. I still wear a Speedo to conservative hotels and like the back seam which shrinks the back. Now I've had a seamstress reduce the connection between front and back to a 1/4-inch string. Yahoo!
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  • 4/2/2010 2:24 PM paolo wrote:
    Im an italian guy. My first speedo i remember, i was 13. My father bought it for me. The speedo was blue color in lycra, 1 inch at the sides.
    I love this: i was always in erection at the pool and at the beaches at the Club Med. Fortunaly my erection was only 4,7 inches and the little speedos was enough to cover the cock. I masturbate in toilet for terminated for one hour the erection. After i was in erection another time.
    Then my body and my cock grow until i was 17, like a very teenager beautiful. I think: now i will buy my new swimsuit: i go to the shop with my girlfriend, in a famous town at the sea, in the afternoon. The same day in the morning i see in the window of the shop the new collection of Hom swimwear very tiny bikini with only a string in the side (its was only 1/3 inch in the side) but full back.
    They were red or yellow or black or ... many colors!
    I wear the yellow (size xxs) in the fitting room of the shop: my cock in medium erection; my girl tell me: "not is too little for you"
    I test the red (size xs): my girl tell me:"its better if the young man ownershop see you to recommend the right size because he is an expert"
    The ownershop was 40 i think. I shy because my half-erection: my cock is in the left of the triangle of the tissue: its my favorite position for my shaft.
    I exit from the curtain of the changing-room, all nude except the string with full back!
    The guy tell us:"wow he looks great, but i recommend try to wear this speedo with the penis down, on the balls, turn around please"
    I turn around: the full back was perfect on my ass. I turn around another, and i was in front of him. "Please try on this one (size s): blue in the front, black in the back, with strings whites"
    I take down the red ones in the dressing-room; i put on the new ones. My cock is now longer than before, excited, my erection not at the maximum, but good. Its beautiful the bikinis with my cock 5,5 inches inside.
    "please we can see?" my girlfriend say
    "its ok, i buy this" i answer
    "if i see, i can advise you" the shopkeeper
    "i love this swimsuit, i buy"
    my girlfriend open the curtain!
    Thats right! i am in erection under the string in front the man!
    "excuse me" say the man "but its natural and easy for a young get an erection with this swimwear"
    Now my erection is at the maximum, very excited (7 inches), the fabric is too little, and my glans come out from the white elastic. The guy with the left hand open my bikinis and with the right hand try to put my cock into the swimsuit. He succeed, but after a second my cock go out again, and squirt with 8 jets everywhere my sperm
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    1. 4/5/2010 8:33 AM Anonymous wrote:
      Great story! Any more to it? I loved how you describe how the clerk put your cock back into the small suit, causing you to cum! I had the same experience, but I didn't have a girl with me and the clerk was an older woman. She knew exactly what she was doing and commented favorably as I dumped my load.

      I hope to have a swimsuit buying experience like that again!
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      1. 4/8/2010 10:10 AM paolo wrote:
        yes i wish prepare the story of my first string in a public beach in Tuscany and the another one with the doctor in Milan
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        1. 4/9/2010 8:05 AM Anonymous wrote:
          Please post you stories soon!
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  • 4/7/2010 3:19 PM Phil wrote:
    yes a great story, Paolo. I remember when those Hom tangas arrived in shops in London at least ten years ago - string sides and a small front triangle. I saw one in the window of a sports shop in Notting Hill & knew I had to buy one. I went in and asked to try one on. The shop keeper asked my size and I said, small. He said, try it, but you will probably need a medium. I went into the dressing cubicle and pulled on the tanga - he was right, even on my slim hips it was very tight. Just as well he didn't help me with it, or I might have had your experience. So I tried the medium, which was a comfortable, still close fit, and so I bought it. It was in candy-coloured horizontal stripes and I wore it on a beach holiday that summer with my girlfriend on Crete - very sexy. I still have that suit today...
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    1. 4/8/2010 7:31 PM Anonymous wrote:

      Do you still wear the suit to the beach?
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      1. 4/10/2010 4:30 AM Phil wrote:
        Hi Anonymous
        I haven't worn that Hom tanga for years, I have so many other suits to wear - I like my suits even smaller now - Koala, Muscleskins, Dore...
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    2. 4/9/2010 2:31 AM paolo wrote:
      can i have photo of your tanga Hom because i have not still that suit today
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  • 4/11/2010 11:22 AM paolo wrote:
    I'm 26 old and i have a boyfriend, Jim, who is 23.
    I live with him in Milan. Its april, sunny day, sunday, in the afternoon.
    Both we are wearing sneakers, jeans, tee-shirt and g-string underwear, the same model (H&M 1 inch waistband, full black for me and full grey for Jim, with a very little triangle at the back)
    We bring ice-cream at the bar.
    After 15 minutes Jim feel itch on arms and legs.
    His skin present an inflammation!
    We go home. Jim take a shower, but nothing: the inflammation get worse!
    In Milan exist first-aid specialyzed in dermatology.
    We go in waiting-room, no other person: after 2 minutes arrive the doctor, a man about 50 old, i think. He take us in infirmary for a control examination.
    "please Jim take off tee-shirt and lay down on couch" say the doctor.
    "only on arms and chest?"
    Jim: "not, also in all the body"
    "ok, i must see, take off your jeans"
    Jim stand up, take off the jeans e put them in the hanger. Wow! Now is beautiful: only in grey thong: fantastic ass and it's possible to imagine the size of his cock. The cotton is thin. Jim has a big scrotum and he is 4,7 inches long x 1,6 inch large (12x4 cm in Europe), when totally flaccid.
    "Great body" say the doctor. "Thx" repond Jim.
    Now Jim is on the couch again. The doctor is touching all the Jim body for a complete examination: the Jim cock - favourite position for his shaft is on the right - grow big a little. The thong fabric is stretching!
    "I think is a food inflammation due to the ice-cream you have eat"
    "But your friend who eat the same ice-cream has not the inflammation?"
    "I think not" i say
    "its better check u body, Paolo" tell me the doctor
    After 30 seconds i'm almost naked, only with my tiny string, lay down in the second couch.
    The doctor examine my skin for many minutes; my cock grow for stimulation under the black thong: nothing luckily!
    "nice thongs" say the doctor "u have the same model in grey and in black"
    The doctor turn again on Jim: "You have the red spots in the genital area, in penis?"
    "Yes i cant resist to itch"
    The guy take with 2 hands the waistband of Jim little thong and take away. Jim, shy, is naked with cock in the half erection (6 inches). The doctor touch his shaft and the cock grow and grow and grow .... now is a superb cock! Jim is very huge: 8,5 long and 2,4 inches (21x6 cm)
    "very big cock" say the doctor
    I'm maximum excited: i pull down my string and i start masturbating. The doctor start a blowjob; he suck with strength the Jim cock! Jim is a boy more resistant i know, but the doctor is like a devil, he suck more and stimulate with hands all body.
    After few min i squirt my load on my chest.
    The doctor swallow all 8,5 inches of Jim until root, many times. I look at the Jim face and i understand that he is in ecstasy and that he is close orgasm; but he resist still for many minutes. But when the doctor insert a finger in his ass, Jim explode milk everywhere!
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  • 4/11/2010 12:26 PM paolo wrote:
    I have 2 story for my first thong in a public beach because i share my strings in 2 category: ones which cover my cock even if erected; ones (smaller, very tiny) which cover my cock only it is flaccid
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  • 4/13/2010 1:00 AM paolo wrote:
    I have measured my thong H&M black and the same thong (grey color) of Jim: the waistband is 1,57 inches (4 cm). Sorry for mistake.
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