Underwater video, diving and sexy swimwear. DMOZ anyone with some pull?

One of you readers posted in this blog about doing a DVD shooting guys underwater in Bikinis,thongs, g-strings and other designs. I like the idea and have ordered a HD flash camera that shoots underwater to play with it. I hope to have some footage in the next week or so and will post it on Youtube along with koalamensclub in the free section.Have any of you been diving, scuba or snorkel in micro suits and if so were other people with you and what was their reactions?

Any of you readers out there DMOZ editors?
If so would love to get this blog DMOZ listed in any category.
E-mail links to friends. I am on a mission to get every possible man to change out of huge dork shorts and into something hot and sexy. Your help is always appreciated.


Mens swimwear

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  • 5/26/2010 2:34 PM Matt Lenzman wrote:
    Michael — I added Koala and your blog to my Sources sidebar. I think my readers will enjoy your adventures in Koala gear.

    I described your items as "Being for the total slut." Too strong? (I'm a great believer in slutwear, by the way.)

    — Matt
    Male Pouch

    Total slut sounds about right

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  • 5/27/2010 3:33 AM Bob wrote:
    MD I was hoping the new suits would be on line today-Thursday? Thanks. Bob

    We are shooting for it!

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  • 5/27/2010 10:03 AM tony wrote:
    Apparently anyone can volunteer to become an editor, but they'll need to state area that they want to edit according to the info on DMOZ. Anyway, it's a great search engine to get a listing on.

    I think there is a little more to it.
    Anyone out there an editor on DMOZ
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  • 12/3/2010 8:47 AM Alex wrote:
    Scuba diver here. Usually wear at least a short wetsuit (think of a wrestling suit: goes over the shoulders, no sleeves, and down to mid-thigh). Even in Florida in the summer, once you get past 50-60 feet deep the water can be chilly.
    I always wear a bikini under my wet suit, and am usually the only male on the dive boat in one. For the non-scuba divers out there, here's how it works. You hop on a boat with several other divers, wearing land clothes (shorts + t-shirt) and your swimsuit underneath. About ten minutes before arriving at the dive site, the caption tells the divers to suit up. So everyone strips down to their swimsuits and pulls on their wetsuits. (Or dry suits, but they're usually worn only in cold water.)
    That's when I'm usually happy to be seen in my Dolfin bikini, which I love because it's very thin and moderately skimpy. I don't go for a Koala-style suit on a dive trip because I never know who's going to be on the boat, like little kids.
    Anyway, so I'm in my bikini and getting on the wetsuit. A few other guys wear square cuts, but I'm always surprised that some wear board shorts, because the wet suit is so tight. Women usually wear a one-piece, though some wear two-piece bikinis. Never seen anyone in a thong.
    No reactions to my bikini. Most scuba divers have been around the water enough to have seen everything, so it can't be a surprise.
    Once I was in water warm enough for a dive skin -- that's a spandex suit that covers the whole body (you wear it not for warmth but to keep from getting scratched underwater). I don't own one but a guy on the boat let me borrow his. It was a size too big, but still super-fun to wear over my bikini. If I get back to warm water I'll buy one that fits right!
    I've also heard of people who skinny-scuba, wearing nothing under the essential dive equipment, but I haven't been close enough to the equator for that to be an option.
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    1. 3/22/2012 10:38 AM pitbullpup wrote:
      i freedive on the Big Island of Hawai'i... i'm fortunate enough to be near a (unofficial) nude beach where i can strip in and out of my hammerhead camo suit right on shore beach
      otherwise i'm in my 'pierced' g-string or fundoshi loincloth
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  • 10/9/2011 3:27 PM raul wrote:
    also a scuba diver here, similar to just posted, everyone strips down to their suits b4 putting on their wetsuit. Best time was in Cozumel when 'Miguel' the divemaster went back behind the nav-stand with a black speedo in hand, and trying to 'hide' behind the helm, he dropped his shorts and pulled on his speedo (old and worn), and then strutted out to pull on his shortie wetsuit, leaving nothing to imagine in his aged speedo,, I suddenly was not uncomfortable in my small tight bikini before I pulled on my wetsuit,.,.,.,(and afterwards after stripping off my wetsuit and enjoying the breeze and sunshine on the ride back.,.,.as did Miguel,,.hum,,.
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  • 10/13/2011 12:49 PM Phil wrote:
    I've been wearing lycra bikinis to go scuba diving for years. Usually at least some other men (usually Europeans) are wearing bikinis or square-cut lycra.
    I have a made-to-measure matt black neoprene wetsuit from a fetish site in Germany - it is extremely comfortable, very soft and form-fitting neoprene. A Japanese lady divemaster on my dive boat in the Maldives admired my suit...

    You should post some photos of that suit I have been thinking about doing a neoprene bikini and thong
    anyone one else interested in this type of fabric?
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    1. 10/20/2011 12:53 PM Phil wrote:
      OK Michael, I'll try to take some photos this weekend - it's due to be fine & sunny here in London so I might even photograph the dive suit in sunshine, even though it's mid-October. I think a neoprene bikini could be fun, if it's thin (i.e. less than 3mm thick) - I think especially if it has some sporty trim or insignias - I wish my wetsuit had some design features like that, instead of plain black.

      Can't wait!!!!
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      1. 10/26/2011 12:47 PM Phil wrote:
        I've now posted 2 pictures of me wearing my plain black form-fitting wetsuit - they are on the Koala Mens Club site, my user name is maozer. Took the photos indoors, but with some sunlight filtering in.
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