My shots and your shots

I just checked the Dregga group on yahoo and the six photos I sent him are in this group of photos.
Let me know what you think.
Now as for your photos, please share, be brave and show the world your beautiful body wearing a skimpy Koala suit or even better show some cock. You know deep inside you want to. Over come the fear and do it.
You can post photos and see tons of photos at KMC  and Dregga groups.

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3 thoughts on “My shots and your shots”

  1. The photos are a good teaser, but there should be more (i know, you don’t want to mess the ‘surprise’ of the new collection). I particularly liked the color diversity and the use of the ass spark cock ring in the designs (i know there will be more designs with it). The sheer item should be a bit ‘extreme’ for me to show off at the beach, even at the nude beaches i usually go to, but, as said in the beginning, I’ll need to see more photos (also, as i posted yesterday, i would like to see very detailed photos and from several angles, which, i believe, will be in the catalog). Can’t wait for the new collection!

  2. Great pics! Age, body type, slim, not so slim,– what matters is the sheer joy. Nature has given us the most wonderful equipment to celebrate: hard cocks to fuck and jack off with, balls that engorge and give us ecstatic pleasure, holes that yearn to be opened up, penetrated, pumped. And beyond the deep pleasures, whether celebrated alone or with companions, there is just the incredible beauty of what is between our legs: holes which radiate darkly from their tight center, balls now hanging free, now pulled up as we are close to shooting our delicious white nectar, and cocks which are utterly cosmic with their majesty and power. And these Koala outfits are a fiesta of joy in all of this: embracing our equipment with endless varieties of stimulating pleasure, adorning them and displaying them in stunning beauty and enticement. When exhibited this way, they say touch me, enter me, suck me, give me the wonder of ejaculation! Let me touch you, fuck you, watch you light up in intense pleasure as we hail the power of the universe and glory of our semen.

    Wow, thanks Bill!
    Wish I could write like you.

  3. wow the red number with your big heavy balls split and framing you cock was just to hot. hearing that you should be sucking a cock. by the way would love to see a pic of that also

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