Photos…what do you like?

I have just spent the last few hours going through photos from last weeks shoot trying to pick out the ones that will be used to show the 2011 collection. I was wondering what type of shots you enjoy seeing?  Since some of the designs are so new, unusual and different from anything out there I have picked many extreme close up shots. They are very explicit, maybe even too explicit.
I wanted to know if there is any such thing or do you like seeing the extreme detail of how the thongs, bikinis, fetish suits, cock displays and such are put together?

Mens swimwear

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  1. In general a mix of shots is best, full body and a reasonable close up. But for the fetish and penis display suits what I am really interested in his how my dick will look in the suit so for them close-ups, extreme close-ups to see things like how the rings work for instance, are useful.

  2. i like the very extreme the more you show the more that i like. thank you michael david. thank you for showing the extreme to people like me. i love you. walter goza

  3. For me, the more explicit the better! After all, one of the main reasons for having and wearing Koala wear is to show off our cock, balls and hole in a variety of exciting and seductive ways. Suits that either show them off simply or do something unusual to them to catch attention are fun and refreshing. You bet!–explicit, bulging balls, stiff cocks, eager holes. To me that’s what KOALA is all about. Bill.

  4. Hello M.D.,
    I want to just see what you have created and what they look like so that I can see if it’s what I like and want to buy to wear. You know that I have been buying Koala swim for the last almost 15yrs and will continue to buy them . I want to see the most nasty and erotic and I want to see everything that will show when I know that I can wear these suits. I am a very extreme person and no one will tell me what or how to wear what I want to wear and Koala makes me feel sooooo hot and nasty.
    Bugz B.aka Ron Chacon

  5. I Michael,

    I love to see the detail, not so much the suit. However, must know how it looks and will fit.


    It was good to see you Folsom. Sorry I missed your fun time.


  6. I feel details are important, to determine the proper fit and over all idea of the suit. Yes, plenty of close up’s.

  7. How about femenization tops – seeing we men can have a pussy we would like tits as well

    Do you mean fake breasts?

  8. I love reading all your updates. I would love to se more explicit photos of your suits. could you add photos to your would nice to se the suits you wear and comment on. Perhaps show Pree-cum and wet spots? I loce the suits witht he anal probe..perhaos you can have a probe that Inflates? that way it will go in easy and fill the anal cavity completely for a more intense experience. I especialy like to see suits that look more like panties, I LOVE lace panties the BOY shorts style perhaps with a cock ring designed into the suit/panties. even one that has a cock shaft in the design?
    TY for all your great desings.
    FRED, in Piuoneer,CA

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