Fun clips,Happy Turkey Day and g-strings

I agree with the feedback we received that a fixed size g-string with super narrow 1/8″ or less string sides
as a bikini would be a nice addition and I will work on that design. I like the idea of doing an Ass Spark G-string, a real g-string with a g-string rear that incorporate the Ass Spark.
If you haven’t tried a suit with an Ass Spark yet like the Penetration Bikini, You should. It has been a world wide best seller. Men ordering them for themselves and friends, women ordering them for their husbands and BFs
we have ran out and made a 2nd and 3rd run of these designs in a 2.5 week period. Just amazing the attention and excitement these suits have created. Again we are all adults reading this blog and I feel free to share personal details with you all the time that said when I use an Ass Spark cock ring anal plug my orgasms are so much more intense and my cum loads are bright white. Not sure why but next chance I have I will talk to a urologist friend to see if the Ass Spark can be making my loads larger and whiter in color.
Buying yourself any of the designs which feature an Ass Spark would be one of the best gifts you ever bought yourself or a friend.

To my friends, customers, blog readers and kindred spirits in the USA I want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

A little more fun. Let me know what you think of these clips. They were fun to do!
Pool Fun      Pool Fun 2   Pool Fun 3 Mens swimwear

9 thoughts on “Fun clips,Happy Turkey Day and g-strings”

  1. About “white orgasms”– the spark anal cock ring massages the prostate (wonderfully so if you jack off)and that should produce thicker, whiter and more abundant cum, and with much more intense pleasure. I’ve become almost addicted to the spark-anal device. Jacking my dick with it in my hole is like getting gently fucked and sucked at the same time. Lately my boy friend has been bringing a woman who loves to my anus with the spark in my hole as I either jack off or my partner sucks me off while playing with my balls. I’ve never had more explosive orgasms!

  2. Today I was wearing the DIABLO which splits and spreads my balls. My partner told me again how much my ballsac split this way with my balls widely divided anc compressed that it looked just like a big pussy, and I guess it does. He had me bend over and “fucked” me between my balls onto the spandex ball-splitter, even though he could only get his dick “in” an inch or two. He loved it! (and I liked the feel of hot thick cum on my balls).

  3. Wow…I neever thought about fucking split balls…wonderful idea

    Mike please do this in an underwater video!!!

    Love to hear more about using wide split balls as a pussy!!!!

  4. My father designed underwear, but he never shared the sensuous side of it with me. I enjoy reading your column not only for insight into what was the family business, but also a frank discussion of the sexuality of swim and underwear.

  5. Would like an Ass Spark but the 2″ ring’s a bit small for me. I’d love to have a male equivalent of a woman’s “C-String” – that is, a no-straps, self-supporting g-string but one that provides for an erection. So, I made one, as follows: get a dry-cleaner’s wire hanger, straighten it out into a long flat loop with the sides about 2′ apart, straighten the hook bit then bend it at about 90 degrees, heat this bit up on the gas ring and push a jelly butt plug down onto the hot wire. Then bend the hanger upwards in a sort of a “j”/”c” and insert the plug. Then adjust and bend the loop so that it presses flat against you stomach AND the tension presses the butt plug against your prostate. WOW! Now for the hard bit: making up a pouch that attaches to the loop and that’s snug enough to hold you erection hard against your stomach and has a pouch to cradle your balls. I’m no seamstress and it took quite a bit of experimentation until I had the right pattern. Then I made up some flouro lycra for the beach, leopard skin lycra for jungle adventures, and sheer black sparkly lycra for nights. Boys, when you get this right it’s AMAZING how good it feels having complete support with no straps whatsoever. I think Koala should make this professionally – call it the Vagrant (no visible means of support!)Cheers dears, Sailbad the Sinner

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