Dealing with hot male models

I am helping with the KMC live photo shoot today. My job is to work with the models and find the suits that work with their bodies. Sounds like fun right? Well it is not all that you think it would be. With the rush of time and not being sure before a shoot what type of models I will have to work with or how many it gets very stressful. Carlos who runs KMC told me to expect anywhere from 3-7 models. Thats a huge range. Sure it is fun to see them getting dressed and undressed with their super hot bodies but for me there is little time to enjoy the view. It is about getting them into the suits. Many of the models have never seen micro swimwear so we need to explain in detail how to put them on how their cocks should look. Just another crazy day at Koala.

Hope it all flows. Speaking of flowing my girls are kicking ass on the new designs. They just might make it by the end of February. So far I am amazed. Wonderful weather in LA this last week got a few days by the pool wearing my micro g-string and I think I gave the pool man a nice show on Friday.

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