Fireworks at the factory

There are days when my work is a real pain in the ass and nothing seems to be going right, I know that happens to all of us but we can only hope the good days out number the not so hot ones. Today started off with a blast. I went over to our little factory to see how the new production was coming along and it was looking great. That was enough to make my day but then my head pattern maker wanted to tweak one of the new designs. That design was the Explosive Sex model with the removable front pouch. I thought it was perfect last time but they made a new sample and wanted me to try it on. Whenever I try on an anal style suit I do a full enema even if I just took a shower which was the case but when something goes up there I want it coming back out crystal clear. I was in a little rush but said I would do it and took my trusty little kit to the bathroom and cleaned myself out. We added lube to my ass and my cock, doing that makes it much easier to put the rings on and take them off and we lubed up the hook. It is fun having them fuss over me helping put on the suit so it looks perfect, having them insert the hook just to remove it a few minutes later then put it in again. After 45 minutes of taking it off and putting it back on after a quick change here and there it was perfect in their eyes, it looked great to me all along. They wanted to snap a few photos of it which I said was fine but I needed to fluff up my cock so the shoot would look its best. While stroking my shaft one of the girls noticed the strap on the back hook was twisted and asked if it was OK to untwist it. Sure I was busy getting my shaft hard as a rock when I felt her pull the hook out and insert it in again. She must of hit the perfect spot because all of a sudden I could barely hold back from blowing my load. I told them to snap the shot fast because I needed to cum. I barely held off for a couple shots then exploded. Must be the hook pushing against my prostrate which gives me the most amazing orgasms. That is how my day started and I can hardly remember the rest of the day, it was that good!

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5 thoughts on “Fireworks at the factory”

  1. The suit sounds great! …and your staff is everyones dream, please post the photos! I hope they also got a photo of the cum shot, what a great promotion for the suit!

  2. It got me hot reading how the staff fussed over you helping you put on the suit, especially when hearing how the girl adjusted the twisted ring for you. I’d love to see a video of all that erotic action. PS I wouldn’t mind being one your “fussers” and “helpers” myself.

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