More new stuff and a funny story

First the funny story. We have had great weather this week with Monday being an awesome 88 degrees.
I spent lunch around the pool. Had it all to myself even though it was a holiday. While I was sipping on my diet
Coke I noticed the nice old lady whose townhouse is right next to the pool walking over with a camera in hand. I see her all the time and we always say hi to each other. She has seen me in just about every suit we make that I can wear in public and most likely has caught me through her window slipping nude into the Jacuzzi every now and then. She came up said hi and asked if she could take my picture, before I could answer she said she wanted to e-mail it to some of her friends who were freezing in Chicago. She said they would never believe how warm it was here without a picture. I said sure being the exhibitionist I am and she snapped off a few shots and told me she was going to e-mail them right away. I was back out at the pool today and she must of been watching for me. She came over smiling and said her friends loved the photos and wanted more. I’m so thrilled I can still turn on those 75+ year old ladies!

Another new as yet unnamed design is a version of the Penis Stretcher on steroids. It was suggested by many customers that a penis stretcher with even more pull would be something they would like to have. I gave it some thought and came up with a design that offers an amazing amount of pull on your shaft, of course you control the amount of pressure. While playing with it I was able to pull my shaft  super hard and even when I became aroused it still kept the pressure on.If you are into cock stretching or you feel you have gone as far as you can with the standard penis stretcher you are going to love this ultra version.

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