Sorry about todays website problem and then some fun

First let me say I am sorry about today’s website problems. As I type this we are working on getting the credit card processing section of the site back up and functioning. Payments using paypal are still working fine.
We expect the credit card function to be up shortly. Quite the pain in the ass!

Thats my big drag for the day. Answering e-mails and phone calls from frustrated customers who have tried many times to place their orders just to get a crazy error code message. Computers and the internet you gotta love them.

The great side of my day was spending about 2 1/2 hours trying on a whole bunch of designs and taking notes about it so I can post more details about the suits and how I felt wearing them.
The next blog will have specific suit details but I thought I would tell you about the customer idea we tried.
I liked the idea of an Ass Spark connected to adjustable strap like the ones on the Options Stretcher. The blogger
who posted his idea said it would be great if tension was put on the Ass Spark from the straps making it go in and out as you walked. Those were not his exact words but definitely his idea of what he wanted. Well we made it and fooled with it for a while and I can say it is not going to work though I had a great time trying to make it work. Bill the blogger thought it would just pop out when the straps pulled and that is what happened. I could adjust the straps to pull it out most of the way and the suction from my muscles pulled it back but just as often it came out followed by a flying bit of lube. I must say the experience was akin to having sex,  my cock was so unbelievably hard from the 1 3/4″ ring and the plug being constantly re-inserted along with having a number of other anal style designs in and out of me. The girls have a funny saying when they see the precum flowing from my cock, he’s crying and yes as they dabbed my little eye over and over again the tears were flowing thanks to the non stop stimulation.

Mens swimwear

What do I wear daily?

I get asked all the time what suits do I wear. For the most part it is about what I am doing. At work I often wear a pouch only design under my shorts or sweats. The Testosterone is my favorite but sometimes I will go
with The Beast, I enjoy the way it makes my cock feel. I stick to pouch only suits when I go Horseback riding. Not being a very good rider I like the way a small tight pouch keeps my balls from bouncing all over the place.
For Tanning most of the time it is the Slut-G-string but it depends on the beach, hotel or friends house I am at. Sometimes it is just about being shocking and I will go with one of the new anal suits they are all attention whores. At the gym pool it is a bikini, sometimes I will go Brazilian and on occasion I will sneak a thong in. They do not allow men or women to wear thongs but so far I have not been bothered much.
I will almost always go for a suit that makes my bulge look smaller if I am out in public but again it depends on my mood. There are times where I will wear a suit with cock straps to make me look big and as most of you know I am not well endowed, these suits level the playing field making me look much larger as they force my balls and shaft out and keep me semi hard to fully hard depending upon how hard I crank the adjustable strap.

Mens swimwear

Extreme Brazilian Bikini

When it comes to wearing bikinis I prefer a Brazilian cut. Sure I am an exhibitionist but if your ass is nice why not show some cheek. One of my favorite Brazilian bikinis is the Bald Eagle Brazil. String sides, extreme Brazilian rear and a very interesting front pouch design. It is a shaft up design but it is still very compact.  There is an interior strap which holds up the your cock head and the top 1/4 of your shaft. The outline is very sexy and the strap forces the penis into the front top of the pouch creating a nice visual.

Mens swimwear

Need your feedback and bikini love

My favorite high fashion Koala bikinis are Pleasure Chest and Ripped. Very sexy yet classic lines. In my opinion these suits can be used anywhere even around the most conservative people. They are very stylish suits far sexier then any Speedo but still able to be useded as a Speedo substitute. Great first suits to wear in public and the great fit will knock you out!

Great customer idea. I want your feedback on this one. We have sold more Ass Sparks then we could have ever imagined. No doubt word is spreading fast that it is one of the most stimulating anal products around.
We have also found that most people who order the Ass Spark end up ordering the special suits made to work with them, the ones in our latest collection. In addition to the suits we now offer, we are working on four more new designs to be used with the Ass Spark one more exciting then the next. A customer sent an idea
to me that I am thinking about doing even though I promised my girls I would not give them any more designs for the collection they are working on.. This idea seems so hot to me that I might just go back on my word and give them one more but first I want to hear what you think about it. The idea is adding adjustable straps that hook to the Ass Spark running down the legs with a strap to go around your legs like the ones on the Penis stretcher and Options stretcher designs. The idea is that whenever you walk around with the Ass Spark hooked to these straps it will tug out a little and then pop back in. Can you visualize the in and out motion and how exciting and stimulating that would be?  Let me know.

Mens swimwear

Back to biz New Diablo design

I’m always telling you how sunny and warm it is in LA but not today. It is rainy and cold. It is snowing 30 minutes away from Koala. Very unusual. Trying to get my mind back into business after a long weekend with too many late nights.
I was going through my notes from the 1st fitting session and realized I forgot to mention my idea for a Diablo style
suit with an anal ring. This is a design we know there is demand for. One of the problems with sex and fun style suits that use the large metal anal rings to spread and hold open your hole is they tend to slip to the side at times.
This is a small price to pay for the feeling of metal stretching your hole open, an invitation for pleasure. That said I thought about holding the hole open with a large rubber ring and the girls made me a sample. With out question this design will be a hit. A found the rubber ring very comfortable and it did a very nice job of keeping me completely spread. The girls moved it back and forth checking adjustments on the suit but the rubber ring did not move. The interesting part was that the rubber did not keep it’s full round shape but molded to an oval shape.
It not only felt great but it looked hot. It would have been very easy to slide a good size plug in with the help of the spreader. There was one adjustment we were making to the suit and I will get to try it on later this week along with all the other new designs.  Can’t wait!

Mens swimwear