Photo shoot and New suit info

Just wanted to post a reminder to KMC members that they will be having a live spandex swimwear photo shoot on
Sat 1/29 at 2:00PM PST

The new upcoming design I will chat about today is another suit based on a customers request. He asked for the Diablo suit with an anal hook. We needed to make a few changes with the rings to make it work, one of those was adding an adjustable main cock ring strap. The design works perfect. Perfect seems to be a theme with this new batch of designs. Almost all the new ideas worked perfectly and looked fantastic. We had a couple that did not make the cut. One we talked about last week the other is a pet project of mine. It is a fem suit that coverts your cock to an exposed vagina, clit and all. We came up with one off shoot that did the full exposed vagina but not the clit look. We just could not come up with a design that worked. This is an idea I love and we are not giving up on it. Maybe the summer collection will have it. The vagina suit we are introducing is a thing of pure fem beauty.
Guys into the male to female transformation look are going to go crazy over it. For you guys that think we have lost our minds please don’t worry I will talk about more wild but semi normal (whatever that means) suits next time!

Mens swimwear     Male chastity

Quick note
I added the male chastity link because the photos are nice and it will help to get better Google PR
just keeping it real


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