Starting over again and a big bikini choice

Wow this pulled Ab strain is cramping my style. I just can’t get in the work outs I would like and it is very frustrating. After talking to some doctor friends I think I am ready to try working out in the pool.
I am at leat 10 pounds heavier than I would like and not quite micro bikini ready for my gym. I feel wearing a micro bikini at the gym in front of all those people is not only daring but something I need to earn by loosing the weight. I feel like I am going around in circles but I am going to work swimming into my daily routine.
So the big question was which suit should I wear, something stylish and not too extreme. My ass is one of the nicest parts of my body and the truth is it looks better with more cheek showing than fully covered up.
I took home a bunch of suits and tried them on tonight.  Tried on the Ass market, Delicious ass, Pumped up and a few others and decided I have not earned the right to wear these yet. I want to but I need to be able to motivate myself to action. I ended up choosing one I have not had on for a long time. I think with the extra weight it actually looked much better than the last time I tried it on. The winner is, The Ecstasy Bikini. It looked sexy but being cut a little higher looked better on my body (right now) and the front is narrow which looks good with my small to average sized cock, it fits great! The rear shows about 30%+ of cheek which is ample without being over the top. I hope in the next month or so to be able to get over the top. I swear if I hit my weight goal I will wear a suit with an Ass Spark to the gym and have at least on picture taken!

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