What is your swimwear comfort zone

Shorts, bikinis, thongs, g-strings, pouch only suits, sheer swimwear I have used them all in public but it took me time to build up to being able to do that and of course not all designs will work for every beach, hotel or lake though I like to push the limits of what they allow you to wear Everytime I can. My way of saying fuck you to the rules. Most of you know I go nude whenever I am at a beach that allows it but alas so few places to do that. Even at nude beaches I always wear something very sexy and enjoy peeling it off when I get to my spot. Even on nude beaches extreme swimwear designs attract attention.

Many customers I talk to on the phone and via e-mail will not allow themselves to go as extreme as they really want. Be it too shy, worried about what others might think,  not sure how far they can go (you can always ask but I have found it better to just wear what I want. It has been very few times over the years that I have been told to put on more and that includes wearing completely sheer suits on public non nude beaches)
Some men have the confidence to wear the most micro suits right off the bat for others like me it is a slower progression that takes time to go smaller and smaller and some guys will never get past their own sun deck. I am not judging but it would be great to see more men out showing their wonderful creations of nature, their bodies!

Feel free to post about your comfort level

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  1. We all face differently the decision of how a suite small a suit to wear in a specific location. If I am visiting, I try to wear the smallest suit I have. If its a regular place I visit, I try to push the limits of the “norm”, or wear suits that become very revealing when wet, etc. That helps move the norm a step at a time. More people soon show up in smaller and smaller suits.

    At nude beaches, I enjoy wearing revealing suits to the beach and from it. It gives me the opportunity to handle my cock and balls, stretching and arranging then as I take the suits off or put them on! I also take my time applying lotion to my ball sac and my shaft… both to avoid burn…and to get my shaft a little pumped up, and my balls low.

  2. My comfort zone depends on the type of beach i go to. In here we have regular – textile – beaches, nude allowed beaches and officially nude beaches. Back in 2007, i wore nothing but long board shorts, but after a summer vacation with a friend of mine in Azores, i decided to start wearing lycra spandex swimsuits (as my friend did); that also made me start working out with a lot more focus, so that i could show my body in shape and my self confidence started growing up. I also realized that i feel a lot more sexy with spandex and the tan lines are more reduced (i like to have tan lines, but reduced ones). So, now, a few years after, i wear small spandex shorts or speedo like swimsuits to regular beaches (even if sometimes, i get unhappy comments, mostly from young boys in long board shorts…) and also to public pools; as to nude officially or nude allowed beaches, i wear thongs or g-strings (at these beaches i only get some surprise comments, sometimes, but nothing else).
    A final word to those who are thinking of “taking the plunge”: start with spandex shorts (hipsters, for instance), then pass to “speedo like” and finally go to the more extreme suits, you’ll notice you’ll get at ease wearing what you thought you’d never use at the beach (or pool, for that matter)

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  3. I have been wearing ” micro ” suits for sometime now. I am 62 and in what has been said ” in good shape “. I have worn these to various hotels in Las Vegas and on the local beaches here in So. CA. I do get ” looks ” and stares but no negative comments, so far. [IMG]http://i51.tinypic.com/65bh47.jpg%5B/IMG]

  4. My comfort zone is the Nasty Bitch fem suit on a thong-friendly public beach. Like Michael David I did not reach this level of comfort immediately. It took me a number of years to get up the courage to appear to appear almost naked on a public beach although I had long wanted to do it. I love the feel of the suit on my body, and I enjoy having people see me and on occasion snap pictures of me.

    For those that are not familiar with Nasty Bitch it is a cock ring based g-string with tie sides. My pet name for it is “rings and strings” because that is just about all there is to it. It’s only concession to modesty is a pouch that is less than half the size of a dollar bill. As Michael David says, “It’s a real string bikini.”

    Something that went beyond my comfort zone at first was the anal spreader that is built into the suit. I was shocked when I saw how large and shiny it is. I knew immediately that there was no way that I could hide its presence when I wore the suit in public.

    Since I am married and straight, I was concerned that having a ring shining from my crotch would send a false message. A few guys did make comments about it, but now I’m comfortable with my butt ring.

    I also had to get comfortable with the concept of shaving my body from “nose to toes.” It really is a requirement when I wear a suit like this. My shaved legs were the most embarrassing thing for me, but now I’m beyond comfortable with them too.

    When I go to the beach I stay mostly in the thong area, where others who wear similar suits go. I’m not shy about wearing my suit in front of “civilians” and used to do it more often, but then some of locals go upset and threatened to ban thongs on the beach. Today I set the thong beach boundary; most other thongers go further up the beach than I do. I once had a wild adventure with one of my friends among the “civilians” that I’ll write about later.

    I’m totally proud to be a “Koala man” and to be one of the guys who takes these wonder creations public.

    Thanks for sharing!

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  5. How do you wear the suits with the butt rings properly? I can never get it to sit like it does in the photo and it always turns sideways into my butt crack 🙁

    The ring in the new Diablo works crazy good. It is a rubber anal ring and it just molds into place
    Kim did you get your suits yet?

  6. I was born and raised in Montana which is quite conservative with swimsuits. My swimsuit I would love to wear in any situation is a thong, but it took most of my life to find the confidence and locations that I can wear them within a reasonable distance (I’m a married 33 year old straight male).

    Part of the reason I got the confidence is being very lucky with a wife that supports me in it. She had never even owned thong underwear before but now found that they are her favorite underwear and preferred swimsuit (usually berry dog or wicked weasel), she will go to a very small brazilian bunhugger if she feels a place is too conservative.

    The first time I was confident enough to wear one was at a clothing optional hot spring in Washington. It was funny how my wife and me in thongs were more shocking than the nudists. We laughed saying that it’s clothing optional but we are wearing optional clothing. (when I go back to a clothing optional place I plan on wearing something more shocking, but I still prefer it to have a thong back)

    For my current options of swimsuit I will wear a square cut in the most conservative areas or if I don’t want to offend people or be hassled. If I’m feeling more confident but that I can’t wear a thong, I wear a string bikini with a brazilian back. But I prefer a thong if I feel confident in an area (and I finally found one that my wife and I love to go thonging at in Montana).

    I do find that the more I do wear minimal swim wear, the more comfortable I am and the more I don’t notice or even enjoy the looks. Also, I really think that the more people wear sexy swimwear in public, the more the public accepts it, so I appreciate what you do here.

    P.S. I know you get told ideas for suits all the time, and this one goes against your usual mantra of smaller is better (which it is) but would work for us in more conservative areas but still have the crazy factor. I would love to see a square cut that requires the ass spark to stay on. From the front and back it would look like a spandex square, but between your legs it would be like the fearless thong. (Also I would love to see the fearless thong in either blue or black). Thanks again for helping us in the minimal swimswear community even in less open places like Montana!

  7. The best place for the butt ring when you are at the beach is between your legs in the area from the back of the pouch to in front of your anus. It is sort of like a “metallic vagina” in that area. I can walk, sit or stand with it there and find it to be anything from stimulating to comfortable. You will “flash” that part of your crotch when you bend over, so shaving is a must. You can only spread your anus by positioning the ring there, and it won’t stay in that spot when you start to move around. It move sideways from that point.

    I know this sounds like a lot trouble, but once you learn the ropes, it’s a lot fun and quite addicting! I am totally hooked on this suit.

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  8. In my previous post I promised that I would write about a wild adventure I had with a friend, and here it is.

    My friend “T” has a much higher comfort zone than I do. His suit of choice is a pouch with a drawstring and no sides. From a distance it looks black, but when you get close to him you can see that it is sheer.

    One day my friend and I starting walking down the beach. He was wearing his “baggie” as he calls it, and I was wearing the Secret Wish thong. The front of my suit seemed to be only a little bigger a postage stamp. The conversation was good and so I decided to keep up with him. “How far are we going?” I asked. “All the way to fort,” he answered.

    I gulped because “the fort” is a Spanish-American War fortification that is now a museum. It is on the beach, but tourists go through it all the time.

    When we got to the fort I was already getting nervous because we were clearly visible from one of the main parking lots. “T” started to walk up the stairs to the top of the fort, and I took a big breath and followed.

    The view of the beach from the top of the fort was breath-taking. I was starting to enjoy it when a busload of mostly senior citizens came walking up the stairs in front of us.

    There we were, with “T” wearing only a see-through pouch, and me with a postage stamp in front and my bare butt. I don’t know how many of you have been almost naked in a crowd of fully clothed people, but it is an exciting experience. I had done many times at costume parties, but in this instance I was a bit intimidated. My heart was in my throat, but I knew the best thing was act casual.

    It felt like every eye was on us as we walked though the crowd and went down the back steps of the fort. I heard a few “Oh my Gods!” and gasps but kept going. I could tell that “T” was really enjoying this, and I was too to a point, but I was concerned that we might get busted and hauled off to jail practically naked. Neither of us had any cover-ups within half a mile.

    When we reached the beach, “T” said, “Let’s walk to the fishing pier.” I was not interesting in hearing the comments we might catch there so I suggested that we walk back.

    On our way back, several women were diving into their beach bags to get their cameras. I would have stopped and posed for them, but that was not “T’s” thing.

    Since that day I have enjoyed the memory, but I’d never do it again. Some time later “T” was barred from the beach for a year because he had taken his walks and his suits a bit too far. Now your g-string must have sides, and that’s no problem for me because sides on my suits, even if they are just strings, are part of my comfort level.

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