Funny thing happen when trying new swimwear designs in public

Busy as hell today and we had a huge Fathers Day party yesterday. Still recovering from that!
Needed that hour in the sun lunch break and decided to demo one of the new designs. Still no name yet but I grabbed the micro bulge design, that is the one that forces the balls inside of you and just displays the shaft in a very tight confined micro pouch. Most of the time my little piece of paradise is mine alone and today was no different. I stripped down and put the suit on in the jacuzzi. The design is amazing no balls and pouch so small it could pass for a large clit. The jacuzzi was nice and hot today with the blasting jets easing the pain in my leg from  hours of b-ball on Saturday. Got out and sat on the side with my legs dangling in. A minute later I heard the gate open and three girls all in their 20s give or take wondered over and took the lounges right next to the one with my towel. It does not happen often but I had a twinge of shyness most likely caused by my fully exposed balls, exposed but under the skin and my ultra micro pouch. They saw me from the rear so obviously they knew right when they walked in I was wearing a G-string. I decided the best move would be to spend a little more time in the jacuzzi and see if they were going to tan instead of swim.

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