Good call on todays suit and more from the weekend

More on my two sisters beach day. Think they figured out I like girls when I was oiling them up. I was wearing my Slut G-string because A. I think it is one of our hottest designs, B. it fits my cock to perfection and covers nothing else, C. the bulge is fantastic with the only downside being I need to slip on a little more to go in the water and for that I used the Highly Gifted because it stays on in the surf. Any time I am rubbing oil on a very nice 20s body I am going to get aroused and wearing the Slut everyone near by is going to be able to tell. Sometimes I can’t believe my shaft does not escape from the pouch, it sure feels like it is about too.
Wearing the Slut was the easiest way of showing the girls my cock was not just a tiny clit sized piece of meat,
though the T-girl we shoot this weekend did have a cock barely larger then some clits I have seen.
In the water I helped them learn to body surf and there is always a lot of touching while teaching even a little kissing with the one I ended up taking out. Once I was caught in a big wave both my Slut and Highly Gifted were pushed down to my knees and they both got a full view of my completely hairless at the time extremely tiny from the cold water cock. Wearing surf shorts in large surf has the advantage of staying on better than spandex suits do.
Teaching someone to body surf is draining for the teacher and the students. We were all drained and got back to our towels to soak up the sun, all three of us almost on top of one another trying to warm up from the cold water. Just a fantastic day and yes later that night one of the sisters and my self had a great time. Would two of been better? Not sure I’m up to handling two mid-western girls at once but I think I held my own with one. Hope to see them all once more before they head back and stay in touch on our Macs.

I took my pool time lunch break and before I left I grabbed a suit I have not used for a long time. Somewhere in my brain I must of realized that all the schools were on summer vacation starting last Friday. Grabbed the Answer Bikini which is both a g-string and a full back bikini. The rear can be un-clipped from the sides but not entirely removed. I just tuck the extra fabric under me and you would not be able to tell I was wearing anything but a g-string. It was a good call because after laying out in the sun for 15 minutes using the suit as a g-string a large group of grandma’s, mom’s and kids marched out. I heard them coming so I rolled over to expose the very small pouch which seemed not to bother them. You never know how people and kids will handle a g-string exposed ass so I decided not to bother. When I tanned on my sides I removed the back but my ass was facing away from the group.

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  1. Hi Michael, I’m a big a big fan of your designs. And I think your blog is BRILLIANT! I really enjoy reading it. I was wondering if you were possibly willing or considering posting pictures of you in your sexy swimsuits along with your story’s. I mean you are a brave man wearing them in public so why not post pic of yourself. I think it would be great and I’m sure people would also enjoy it. And I know there’s already pictures of the suit with models but some times it nice to see a real man wearing the suits plus they are your designs. And I don’t think nobody has seen you in the super slut or any of your amazing suits. So I think it be great if you start doing that for your blog. I hope you respond back and consider this idea. Because I truly believe people would like to see Michael David in a koala suit. Take care and thanks for taking your time and doing all of this. Hope to hear from you 🙂

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