How to get the best fem style bikini, thongs and G-string swimwear

I am always willing to go the extra mile to try something new or to get inspiration from a new source.
I know this is not everyone’s idea of perfection but I met the most beautiful girl yesterday, Chinese and just stunning. She turned out to be a T-girl. We talked and I had her try on some of our designs which she thought were very hot. This girl had one of the hottest female bodies I had ever seen. Great tits, unbelievable ass, perfect face and yes a little extra down there. She was so hot I considered it a large clit though her penis was about 3/4 the size of mine. She did not know how to wear some of the designs and I admit it was fun helping her try them on. She showed me how she tucks her stuff away to completely appear female even nude and it was not only arousing but amazing to see.
Seeing how she did it gave me additional ideas on how to make fem style bikinis, thongs and g-strings.

More on this with the next post

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7 thoughts on “How to get the best fem style bikini, thongs and G-string swimwear”

  1. i sure wish that i could find instructions that explain and show how to tuck one’s “stuff” away when exploring my feminine side. Maybe you could direct us to a website or publish one of your own “instruction manuals”. Thanks!

    I think we will do another show all for difficult designs within the next month

    Mens swimwear

  2. You have to get some photos of the “tucked Balls” suits up, or a vid clip! I love the “Changed Man” suit and it works extermely well, even with small tight balls. I missed the photo shoot wheer you featured the tucked balls resulting in the eight pack bulge and am eager to see and order it!

    Your descriptions of new suits and your encounters get me hard and wet, keep up the good work! I love toread them

  3. I, for one, would like to see a few of your suits in your catalogs (print or cyber) modeled by a well endowed and beautiful T-girl.

    That will most likely happen:)

    Mens swimwear

  4. I found that very interesting because I’ve been wondering if any of the fem suits would work for me while dressed in drag.

  5. hi Michael,
    You really lead one amazing life. I have an idea for a design that I would love for you to work on.
    First know that I wear panties 24/7 and I stay tucked all the time too. I love the idea of the Ass Spark and I lust after one but I want one that has some gadget like maybe a short lycra strap that goes from the spark , which would have a much shorter extension, to the head of my cock and grip it like a chinese finger puzzle so it is held really securely. The idea would be to keep me tucked by the spark. One would either have to remove the spark to disengage or there would be some kind of a quick release connecting the cock holder to the spark. I don’t see how it could have a cock ring as part of it cuz my balls are tucked up in my pelvis but maybe I am wrong and you could either combine all three things or make versions with and without the cock rings. I think I also need one with a smaller ball on the end.
    I recently joined your users page and want to thank you for it too. It is wild and I love it. You should have a link on it though back to your retail page. I got so excited I almost ordered a spark right then looking at others wearing them. With no link I calmed down and saved my money because I remembered it is an inch and a half and I don’t think I could fit that in me.
    Also on the users page, could u add a search field for state/city/zip code etc.? I know I never saw anyone on the beaches here in Boston, Ma wearing your styles but it would be cool if there were.
    You probably don’t do print catalogs anymore but I am sure I have some of yours around here from probably 10 yrs ago. I remember you had what was basically pantyhose for men one time and I came so close to splurging on some. Now pantyhose for me is common and all over ebay and the web so maybe you can bring them back too.
    Thanks for listening and hopefully giving my design request serious consideration. Ciao ! Mimi

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