My tiny bulge swimsuit in public

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Two of the girls headed right to the jacuzzi the other to the pool.
All nice looking girls, strong and athletic they did not look like LA types. Turns out three sisters from Cleveland visiting their Grandma. The two jumped in and started chatting it up. I asked if they lived here and got the above answer and I introduced myself. They were here on vacation and since the beach was so overcast they decided to get some rays in the Valley’s 90+ heat. When it gets this hot you want to be at the beach, pool or inside the house. They said that Tuesday they were heading over to Disneyland and the next day they were going to the Venice Boardwalk and maybe the beach. I asked what they did for a living and one was still in school and the other two worked for a major tire company. They asked what I did and I told them I am a swimwear designer. One said they did not see many guys in Cleveland wearing suits like mine. I thought wait until you see the front. They asked if men were wearing these suits at our beaches. I told them they would see many guys in g-strings, thongs and bikinis at Venice. They smiled and said they could not wait. I thought wait until they see the front of my suit at that same moment the third sister came over as I was getting out. I think her face turned a little red as she said hi. I love mid western girls they always seem happy.
It’s habit for me to always look down and check my suit when I get out of the water. Forget about shrinkage the hot water made me a solid 1/2″ I guarantee you they will never see a smaller male bulge the rest of their lives but as I looked down they did too. I walked over to the lounge with my ass completely exposed I am sure another thing they rarely see in public and spread myself out. My three new freinds joined me minutes later.

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4 thoughts on “My tiny bulge swimsuit in public”

  1. Wow!

    This comment is.. sort of.. on topic since it revolves around wearing risque swimwear in public..

    Congratulations on the most creative men’s swimwear thinking I’ve ever seen! I’d sure wish to live in a world where I could try and use some of those conceptions!

    Unfortunately they’re too extreme for me. Or maybe not for me but my fellow beachgoers. But I was wondering if your design team would sport an idea, which is such a turn on for me, that I’d really like to experience…

    I’ve been dreaming of swimming trunks, which at first look look completely inconspicuous, much like your standard speedos that you see at a swimming pool. So no thongs or anything, though they’re great. But there’s a twist. The design would do nothing to conceal an erection, rather the opposite. The material would also get a bit more transparent when it’s wet so I know I’d need to be careful when walking out from the pool. For some reason this is very exciting for me, so I’d be a bit turned on by this. But I’d also know that if I’d get an erection, the material would stretch and become even more transparent. And that of course just adds to the excitement, making it even more a turn-on.

    If the balance of the “effect” is just right, it should provide many interesting visits to beaches, pools and spas where I’d think whether I’m brave enough to wear it. I think about swimming in the ocean and walking back to the beach towel. I even fantasize about my wife quietly strapping my wrists behind my neck on a sunchair leaving me lying on my back, unable to turn or cover while she goes to take a swim. There’s so much possibilities with this kind of swimwear.

    On a sidenote, in the part of the world where I live, it’s compulsory in any swimming pool to shower _without_ your swimsuit before going to the pool area. So it could be quite exciting if the suit would not be too easy to put on or take off. I wonder if it would even be _possible_ for me to avoid getting an erection trying to put on one of your designs hiding in the last shower stall hoping that nobody would just then come to use the opposite one or walk by…

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  2. MD this is fantastic…I need to hear more about htis suit in public.

    Did they ever commenton your tiny suit and mini cock bulge? Did they notice the bulge of your balls above the suit? I cannot waite to see this suit and a vid on how to put it on! When can we order it?

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