My tiny bulge=a day at the beach

thanks for staying with me I know it is a long multi post story.

The three girls joined me by the lounge chairs and like typical girls lots of small talk. Funny nothing about my amazingly small suit. It did not take long for me to need a dip in the pool since it was so hot out. Girls had the same idea a few minutes later and then the first question came. Can you wear a suit like that to the beach?
Yes, you mean that you can go out with nothing on your rear? Yes at some beaches though it is not completely legal no one bothers you. My question was have any of you ever tanned in a G-string or thong and I was surprised that two of them did but only in their yard at home. One even showed me a little tan line. Think my micro bulge might have tried to no avail to get bigger. One said my boyfriend would never wear a suit like that it is just too revealing. I asked if it was because he was shy about his body and she laughed, no it is because he would think only a gay man would wear it. I told her he might think that but nothing could be further from the truth and she can’t be 100% sure he would not wear one and maybe all it would take is her asking him . We kept talking and the perv in my wanted to see what effect a full frontal view, an in your face view would have on them. I put a little water on the lip of the pool next to the first step and sat down while they were still in the water but just a few feet away. Anyone of them were close enough to reach over and touch my little bump.They were just like me when I see a girl in spandex tights with a cameltoe I keep talking trying to look at their face but I can’t completely control the desire to look down and inspect it, which is no different with the girls starring at my little bulge. Tiny as can be I wondered if they thought I might not have a penis or if I did it would have been the smallest one they had ever seen.
We talked about what things they planned on doing and I gave them some choice spots to visit and some of my favorite non tourist restaurants. I told them about my trip to Blacks Beach last week and they seemed eager to try it. I would love to go with you but there is no way I could miss work right now we are so busy. I hope you girls make it down there it is so beautiful. They asked about local beaches and I offered to take them to my favorite spot if it clears up on Sunday and they were game. These midwestern girls are so much different from LA girls. LA girls would give you the 20 question session. Are you gay, bi, you can’t be straight and on and on. After a while I forgot that I needed to get back to work and we just hung out. No juicy details to offer yet. I took all three out to lunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant near my work in Chatsworth and they were blown away by it.. Sure I would love to tell you I did all three and you never know but I think that is a stretch. I hope to get to the beach on Sunday with them and yes I will wear very little and if they packed their thongs maybe talk them into wearing them. Would go Saturday but we have a shot for KMC. For a you members we are shooting one of the hottest t-girls I have ever seen, she is a total girl with a little extra and we will shoot her in some of our fem.cock and maybe anal wear. Next up is a huge muscle boy who will pump Iron and exercise in extreme swimwear. Should be fun!

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  1. I am originally from Iowa, have lived here since 1973, and in some ways still prefer the midwest girls that come to LA. People tend to not have as much diversity as we do and being here can be an adventure. The guys still think that Speedos are gay and microsuit wearers should be beaten. Several times over the years, US and European tourists have asked me about and taken pictures of my microsuits. Most Americans do not see these suits and the foreigners are surprised that they don’t see them. If you do go to the beach with the girls, take a few suits and let the get a few photos to take back home. Don’t forget your business card. Enjoy.

  2. So, when you take them to your favorite beach, make sure you take some g-strings and thongs for them so that if they don’t have any, they can try them!

  3. MD,

    Since they have seen your micro suit without comment about your micro bulge and missing balls, it would be great for you to wear one of your bulging pouch designs with them next defining you big balls. They woud certainly beg questions about whwere your balls were in the micro suit!!

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