Torpedo Bikinis and thongs Ass Spark info

The new double ball Ass Spark should be online and ready to ship in a couple of days along with two other very cool new metal products. Anal sex intensified!
The new Double ball Ass Spark will work with any off the designs you already have that use the standard Ass Spark. I can tell you from my experience it is a blast to use with or without a suit.

Two new summer styles have what I call Torpedo pouches. They work with the Ass Spark and no matter what size you are the pouch will stick out 4-6″ and it will be very full. These suits are a blast to wear.

Mens swimwear

No sun, bikinis and underwear,newsletter and more

Strange weekend in SoCal everything is turned around while most of the country is baking and bikinis, thongs and g-strings are hitting the beaches, lakes and pools we are cold and overcast. I hope you are in you micro swimsuit enjoying the heat while we are left to more mundane tasks like visiting the Museums, something I actually love to do, lifting weights and knocking out a little extra work now so I can sneak away during work hours when it is nice out.

If you did not receive the Koala Newsletter here is a link to it.

I am busy writing an article about men’s underwear and if you have any favorite designs it would be great if you post them here.

Just wanted to let all you boys who asked about us doing a Changed Man bikini we are working on it and it looks like we might be able to get it in with our July suits.

BTW  I just got my all electric Nissan Leaf and will be sharing how it is to go all electric.
A couple people asked me why buy an import car which I thought was a good question. The Nissan Leafs will be the first mass market electric car and it will be manufactured in Tennessee

Mens swimwear

Mens swimwear, g-strings and the beach

After my problem at the gym a few weeks ago I decided all future trips to the beach would include me keeping a spare bikini just in case someone hassles me while I am wearing my micro g-string.

Had a meeting the other day an decided to hit the beach for a couple hours. It was cool down there about 64 and empty even though it was beautiful, sunny and no clouds. Funny thing about sun and sand is that even at 64 degrees you can be very warm and get much more sun than you might realize because it feels so perfect.
Most people just do not realize that 64 can feel way better than 84 at the beach. Between the heat the sand holds and the sun baking on you mid 60s to low 70s might just be the perfect zone.
I was only laying out on my tummy and my back and ass are about as dark as they have ever been.
You can see the lily white string lines around deep chocolate color.
Turns out the g-string was the only swimsuit I needed. Police passed right by me at least 1/2 dozen times. I think the cops down at Venice just don’t bother with men or women wearing g-strings, thongs and micros.
Gotta love them!

Mens swimwear

Ouch my penis

Had a Laser hair removal session yesterday and yes it is amazing how hairless you are after it is over. I had my entire bikini area done years ago but decided to get a touch up with the new equipment that can work on all color skin types including tan skin. Not much hair in the bikini area but it was nothing at all and when she turned me over and did my ass and hole that was easy too. Right next to the brown eye it does get a little tender. She asked if I wanted my balls and shaft done and I said sure. She was a cute little Asian lady, a RN who I am sure has seen many small cocks. She took mine in her hands and put rubbed cooling gel all over.
That feels good and I did get semi hard. She started right in with the laser and OUCH! I must of mentally blocked out how much that hurt. Even though there was not much to do she covered every inch (not many) of me.
I must say it felt like someone was slapping me on the shaft and the balls fairly hard. It stung. Now it is clean as can be and the pain has faded away. I have a high pain tolerance but I think I will pop a couple of Motrin before the next session and see if she can put some numbing cream on my cock.

Mens swimwear