Dark tan and lot’s of fun

Saturday was a beautiful beach day in LA. A nice breeze kept it from getting too hot and allowed me to spend a few hours working on my micro tan. Sunday morning I was at the gym doing about an hour of cardio and after about 45 minutes of lifting. After the cardio I went into the locker room to put on my neoprene wrap around my waist  and my leg wrap. Using these with a ton of compression has allowed me to start lifting again. Strained ab or possible partial hamstring tear (will see what the MRI indicates later in the week).
On my why in I noticed a very good looking guy that I had worked out with before, hot body and about 30ish. We talked a bit and he walked into the locker room with me.  We were still talking and I needed to strip down to put my wraps on so off came the shirt, shorts and underwear and the whole time we kept talking. First I pulled the wrap around my waist, very tight and he said that sure puts a lot of pressure on your back and stomach. He was now sitting right next to me, I was standing and my waist was right about his face level.
I told him I needed to get it as tight as possible and once it was on he asked if he could feel how tight it was.
Now that question could be taken a number of ways but I assumed he meant around my waist so I said OK.
He felt how tight it was  by slipping his finger under the bottom portion. The bottom of the wrap  is right above my shaft and his hand just barely brushed my cock as he pulled on the neoprene. He said that sure is on tight can you lift in it? absolutely it helps big time. My shaft was already starting to get bigger. I preceded to wrap the other one starting at the very top of my leg and pushing my cock out of the way as I did it. That put a smile on his face. I got dressed while still holding a conversation and asked if he was going to lift? I was just about to, do you want to lift together? That sounds great. I know from talking to him in the past that he is married and it never occurred to me he might be bi. Maybe him touching my cock was an accident?
We went through what turned out to be closer to an hour of lifting and finding out more about each other. Just gym talk and work talk nothing sexual. I think as he worked out and got all sweaty he got even better looking.
Wow that was a great work out I said, cardio and lifting a nice combo. He asked if I was going to take a steam?
I rarely use the steam room but this could end up being interesting so I said yes if he was. A few minutes latter we were naked and in the steam room. Love your tan do you lay out nude he asked. I told him about the suit I wear and pointed out the barely there tan line from the straps. Very sexy he said. We were the only two in there and it was getting hot in more ways than just steam. I put my head back and closed my eyes. This is one very aggressive male because with out asking he had my little cock in his mouth and it was rapidly getting bigger.
I was very nervous to be doing this in the gym but it felt so good. He was fantastic and in no time I blew a huge load which he swallowed. Many girls do not swallow at first, some never but it seems like guys love to eat cum. I probably should have at the very least given him a hand job but by the time I had blown my load I was also ready to pass out from the heat. We both retired to the showers where other men were. Smiling at each other sharing our little steam room secret between the two of us. Going to the gym is almost always fun but sometimes it is just way more exciting like today!

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  1. wow thats a hot storyu.
    are you going to look him up next time at the guy and repay the favor.bet he hopes you do.

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    BodyAware (Scottsdale) has a bikini-style which I might order. I wanted a brief-style. Undershorts
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    Thanks for your comments.

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