Nothing like trying on new swimwear and fetish wear

I spent 3 hard but very erotic hours yesterday trying on new designs. These are the suits
we are working on for the Holiday season. We are shooting to release these designs in November.

Looks like we are going to have about 13 new designs of which I tried on 9 yesterday.
Can’t believe after all these years of doing this how excited I get when it comes to seeing and trying on my new ideas and the ideas I work on from your ideas.
I was pretty much hard for three hours, I made a mess and was just blown away by how many of the 9 were perfect on the first try. Ready for production and some of these are very difficult suits.
Props go to me staff. My girls are awesome and I do love them like family. All of them have seen much more of my body than any doctor including the one that did a full exam way up my ass!

More on the designs next blog.
PS  in this new batch we will have at least one new wet look for you lovers of that fabric!

Mens swimwear

2 thoughts on “Nothing like trying on new swimwear and fetish wear”

  1. Wow!; like to see you keep getting ideas to innovate with such sort time between collections. Also liked the promise of at least one suit in a wet look fabric. Thank you specifically for this part!

  2. I wonder if any new G will be like the old Erotica, with the shaft pulled between the thighs, with an open head. I would prefer it with out the Anal Ring, so that the exposed cock head, was alone between the thighs. I had one of these 8-9 yrs ago, and looooved it.

    Sometimes we bring them back
    but at the moment busy working on all new designs

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