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But first let me tell you about the beach on Sunday. Amazing.
Lots of girls in tiny bikinis and some thongs and almost no guys which seems
to happen after Labor Day and the start of the NFL.
I was playing in the water wearing a micro when a few girls put their stuff right next to mine. I noticed they were taking photos of me with their phones. Truth is most people have never seen a guy in such a tiny suit. Maybe I will end up as some ones screen saver
When I got out of the water I said hi to the girls and said I hope they got some good shots. They were all smiles and I caught one snapping off a shot of my exposed ass a little later.
All in a days fun.

One of the new designs was created for men who want to show their hard cock off covered but exposed. In these days of Viagra most guys can sport an erection for hours and many younger guys are hard all the time. Why not show some shaft. This new all white g-string displays the shaft in it’s full glory and the interesting thing about the design is that it keeps the shaft up pointing up on just the right angle. A very full natural young man’s hard on for us all. The sack pouch is beautifully crafted to show the shape and size but they are fully covered. The way the seams are aligned over the balls is like a work of art.

Mens swimwear

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  1. Hi Michael,,i liked your story very much and do get turned on by these blogs,you are a lucky guy.I am a middle aged New Zealand guy who also likes to wear tiny g strings and also slim swimwear and have been doing this for a number of years.I have just recently tried wearing a leather cock and ball strap around my balls to actually push them right out sharply and so you can actually see the outline of my cock very clearly,i have my swim briefs hand made to a sexy shape from a girl in Sydney Australia,who sells mens briefs gstrings swimwear to about 50 countries around the world ,and we have some good ideas,if you want to correspond with me that would be good,i may be able to throw some ideas your way,but i’ll also understand if you are to busy as well,,look forward to hearing from you,,regards Terry.

    you should post some photos at the free section at
    and yes I would love to hear about your ideas.

    Mens swimwear

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