swimwear or underwear? maybe both

Wearing our suits as underwear is a question I get asked all the time.
Yes many many men wear are suits as underwear. Many guys wear the fetish and cock display suits as underwear. Wearing any of the Diablo designs underwear your pants at work will make for one very exciting day.

Would you you to post any stories about wearing our suits as undies.

You might of guessed that I am very sexual and I am into many exciting things.
One of my favorites is male chastity and I have started a new blog about
Mens chastity blog. Feel free to take a look.

2 thoughts on “swimwear or underwear? maybe both”

  1. Who are the two people in the photo on your new blog?

    I think it’s amusing to think of you promoting the idea of male chastity – I would celebrate all the fun you have! – unless I guess it’s some sort of kinky perverse kind of chastity πŸ˜‰

    Not sure who they are?
    but they seem to fit.
    For me it is all about the kink but for
    others it is about the lifestyle.
    I just love cock play of all sorts!

    Mens swimwear

  2. Decided to surprise my partner; wore the ask spark swimsuit as undies AND a chastity device when I drove to pick him up from work; when he got into the car I pass him the key to the padlock on my device and grinned at him. He did notice I was not quite comfortable, and wondered if it was the device. My answer – No but the ass spark up my ass is reaching parts hardly seen πŸ˜› Boy, was it worth it; let’s just say I wasn’t allowed to catch my breadth when I was hauled into the bedroom when we arrived home LOL and was one of the longest

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