Gay or straight what did your mate say?

Please post your interesting stories about the first time your boyfriend or girlfriend saw you wearing a bikini, thong, g-string or when they first got a peak of you naked sporting a sexy tan. I have had girls ask me if I was gay, guys ask to suck my cock in the steam room,  girls and guys tell me my shaved cock with my tiny bikini tan line makes me look like a little boy. I have had very interesting experiences in the lock room, doctor’s office, meeting new girls, gay clubs, at the beach and so on but I can’t be the only one. I know from calls and e-mails I receive from customers including guys that wear suits and guys and girls who order them for their BFs. Please post your stories. Share the wealth.

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4 thoughts on “Gay or straight what did your mate say?”

  1. I love Koala products! I first wore speedos when I was 10 yo. I was on my schools swim team..I LOVED how they felt when wet. I actually cut out the liner so you couls see the shape of my cock and balls. I would love to be 10 yo again and have that little boy look.

    I am 64 now and wear panties 24/7. I am shaved smooth just like I was 10 yo again..I would love to chat and trade pics with others that like to wear revealing thongs, and panties too.

    chat soon.

  2. Back when I was single it was always fun to see a lady’s reaction the first time she saw my tan. I was not wearing thongs back then, but I was wearing string bikinis which gave me triangular shaped tan lines on my front and butt with thin lines over my hips.

    The most common reaction was, “How did you get THAT tan?” which led to my response about what I always wore to the beach and pool. Their reaction to that often determined where the relationship might go.

    I dated one very frisky lady who was not shy when it came to sex. The first time we were intimate, she was undressing me. When she saw the thin tan line on my hip she quite literally ripped my underparts right off my body. She was as much of an exhibitionist as I am, and she and I had fun raising eyebrows by wearing his and her micro bikinis to the beach.

  3. In college I liked to wear hipster bikinis and tanga (string) bikinis. My roommate wore Jockey bikinis too, and though we didn’t hang out in our uw or anything (he’s a man’s man) we both looked good in our bikinis.
    One of my workout buddies complimented me in the locker room when he saw my tanga bikini, and he was completely straight. He just admired the look.
    For girlfriends, I definitely find that the girls who like me in skimpy uw were way more interested in fun & creative sex than those who aren’t.

  4. I had been doing a show down in Las Vegas and came home to Montana and my ex and I hooked up and it ended up being a 30 minute discussion when we started stripping down and he had stayed in boring boxers and I was now in a pair of jockey string bikinis he was shocked and intrigued all at the same time. He was instantly hard btw… He ironically was the one who a year later introduced me to koalaswim HOT HOT HOT I love your style!

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