Micro swimwear and a very good idea

Micro designs are some of our very best sellers and the Smoking Gun Micro is one of the very best of the best. We received a letter from a customer telling us what he would like to see on a Smoking Gun Micro that is even more micro. His idea was taking away the extra fabric the makes the small triangle area above the shaft and round it out so the top of the suit is the base of the top base of the shaft. I think that is a great idea and with a little experimentation we should be able to make it work and we are going to give it a try.
New swimwear designs. Talked to my girls today and the new designs will be complete and ready for a photo shoot which we are trying to set up for late next week. Will keep you posted.
Did any of you see the free clip posted at KMC with Gabe in the pool. Very hot.

Mens swimwear

2 thoughts on “Micro swimwear and a very good idea”

  1. yes, another good Koala pool video – and I enjoyed seeing the orange shaft suit (with the shorter shaft) being modelled in the pool by Gabriel’s companion – might that have been you, Michael?


    Mens swimwear

  2. Hi Mike, I watched the clip and it is great. What is the name of the yellow suit Gab. is wearing?

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