More on my spandex compression idea and I am jazzed!

I was giving more thought to my spandex shorts and how they compressed my cock so intensely that it look like I had found my long lost foreskin. Relaxing by the pool today for my lunch break it hit me that maybe one of the designs that we already have (actually two) might just do the trick. The Tempest suit completely flattens the shaft while giving the balls room to breath. I took the g-string Tempest home with me this weekend and will experiment on my self to see if the results are the same as my extreme compression shorts.

I am jazzed because our all new silicone Ass Spark combo cock ring plugs  came in today. They were supposed to be in two months ago but what the hell they came out fantastic. They will be online in a couple of weeks though I will try to snap a photo and post it here. We will be making special suits to work with the two new models. For you boys that have the metal Ass Spark and the suits that work with that model, yes the new silicone Ass Spark will work with suits like the Penetration bikini and all the other designs but it is a very tight fit getting the silicone unit through the straps.

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One thought on “More on my spandex compression idea and I am jazzed!”

  1. MD

    I have been very interested in your articles on very small dicks and balls. We are not all well heng and you are one of the few that understands and appreciates that! Please add more designs and show photos of of very small cocks and balls in your suits. It might be good to have them with your normal models for contrast. We do not fear wearing small suits, infact it can be an advantage being very small when tanning. We can wear a patch to cover the head, compressing what little shaft we have into the body. Small balls allow us to tan our sac without problem! Please include suits and models that are geared for this underserved market!

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