New designs, great weather and a photo shoot

The new design that I am talking about today is a take on the Speck Bulge suit. The Speck Bulge offers our smallest bulge style look. Unlike fem suits that hide everything away this style hides the balls inside of you and displays your shaft in an ultra, ultra micro speck sized pouch g-string.
We decided to go one step further by adding a semi sheer pouch to the design. You shaft is folded over and incredibly small in the standard Speck Bulge suit and it is even more striking in a semi sheer design.  This design is already heading into production the last sample was perfect and my bulge was not much larger than a female body builders clit on steroids.

The weather in LA this week is amazing and the last couple of days found me laying around the pool during my lunch break in my Slut g-string. Funny as I was tanning my ass today the sun was intense and it felt great while one of the neighbors had people coming in and out of their unit getting ready for a big New Years eve party. High 70s today and they tell us it should be 80s on New Years day. Sounds like a New Year beach day to me.

We did a photo shoot last night with a new model. A very handsome Asian body builder with a tiny penis. Made me feel like a man He looked great in the suits.
We had Gabe stop by to take photos of the two new Ass Spark Silicone style cock ring anal plugs. Very nice. They should be online next week.

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