New suits, hair free, great swimwear and fetish wear

Yesterday I spent a couple hours trying on about eight new designs all of which are ready for production, they were just amazing. I know it sounds funny but there is no doubt I get turned on as much by my own products as our customers do. I love the stuff, it all gets me wet! I will talk about one of the new designs today but I also wanted to tell you a little about the prep that goes into our sessions. When I am trying on suits I make sure there is not one hair anywhere on my cock, pubic area or ass including the hole. I want it a spotless canvas for my girls to work on and I pluck, wax and shave to make sure not a hair gets in the way.
Knowing that I had some of the new silicone Ass Spark style suits to deal with along with one Ass Hook and a couple metal Ass Spark styles the clean out needed to be complete. I do a full enema and I use only silicone lube because it makes it much easier for me to force something that big into my tight hole.
I was all prepped and ready and the fitting went fantastic. I can’t get over how awesome some of our new pouch only designs are. Will talk about all the new designs over the next week or so.

The one I wanted to talk about today was based on an idea I mentioned in an earlier post.
Based on the Tempest style with an even more streamlined ball pouch in solid white along with a semi sheer white flattening pouch which forces the shaft inside of you. The idea of optical illusion suits turns me on. Fully exposing your cock head on a public beach with no one absolutely knowing for sure what the are seeing. The Idea was to make everything appear to be in the solid pouch and the exposed head to blend in. The sample came out perfect. Even looking in the mirror I could not completely make out the exposed head and the girls looking right at it agreed. Very stealthy design, on the fem side but absolutely striking to wear and to be seen in. I can’t wait to wear it to the beach. I know I can get away with it no problem, the suit is that good.

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