New chastity device and more posts!

Wow the last few weeks have been crazy busy but I have just about caught up and will now start posting more often. I have lots to talk about as most of you know I dream spandex swimwear.

Along with our swim, fetish and sex wear designs we have a nice following of customers that are into male chastity. We have a new design that should be on under the Male chastity button on Saturday. It is called the Man Whore chastity cage and it works great and for you boys who own Ass Sparks they work great together, I know from playing with them the other day. Being silicone it can be used under many of our design even in water.

Mens swimwear

interesting Idea

Customer sent me an e-mail today with an interesting idea about our male to female transformation designs. Fem style suits which make you look like you have a vagina are very popular with thousand of our customers wearing them. Most have a large metal ring to pull everything down with enough force so the pouch is completely flat. This customer asked if that could be done using a rubber ring.
I am not sure but I have the girls working on a black fabric version of the Pussy Boy with a rubber ring instead of the metal one. Will let you know how and if it works out.

Male chastity

Wet spandex, not from the water. Newsletter link

First here is the December Newsletter link
Lots of good stuff including a number of suits that have never been on sale!

The feel of spandex against my cock always gets me wet but sometimes it gets me soaking wet and it is funny how the arousal comes out of no where.
My standard suit is a micro and when you pack your cock into one of these designs you are always going to feel the pressure, the spandex pushing against and holding down your shaft, rubbing against the head so every time you move the spandex almost forces you to become wet on top of all that when there is pressure on the balls that a tight pouch does very well that helps the flow. I would like to know if there are other guys who enjoy laying out and getting wet at the same time. If I am in a public place and I get to wet I just roll over on my tummy and get even wetter.  There are times just out of no where that I feel like I am ready to cum. It has never happened without rubbing it but that is not something I can do at most of my tanning spots. I would be great if I could cum right in front of everyone without doing a thing and just casually take a dip in the pool or in the ocean to clean up. Has that ever happened to you?

Mens swimwear