Sheer swimwear. What is your favorite color?

I enjoy wearing sheer swimwear my favorite being the small sized penis shaped pouch suits. I like a suit that I can completely fill all the time and I enjoy a design that shows my cock in all its micro glory.
Wondering if you have a favorite sheer color. Mine are gray and nude sheers…yours?

I was wearing my compression shorts this morning while playing basketball for a couple hours. I wear my super tight compression spandex under my b-ball shorts. If I wore just the spandex everyone would be grabbing my ass even the straight guys
I noticed today after peeling them off all dripping wet spandex, ready to get in the shower that my cock was as small as it had ever been. Compressed by the shorts it looked like I still had a foreskin which I do not. I was aroused by it and wondered if I should work on a suit the takes a cut cock and compresses it just so to look like a foreskin cock? Next time it happens I will take a shot and post the photo.

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3 thoughts on “Sheer swimwear. What is your favorite color?”

  1. My color would have to be pink or purple/lilac.
    As to your cock almost disappearing upon itself….mine does that too when I wear a pair of real tight panties, panty girdle, pantyhose or tights for almost the entire day. I think it’s cool and sometimes wish I could keep it like that for days.

  2. I love more feminine colors. Pink especially. I love rhinestones or sequence. Id love more feminine colors and prints. Small pink sheer g strings with a butt plug holder would be the best. But a fabric that has some stretch and remains sheer would be great cause then it won’t mess with my chastity device.

  3. I enjoy tremendosly running in very tight spandex shorts. However, there is little choice is revealing running tights… There is N2N, and Rufskin, but there is lots of room left in this market. A new product line as Koalarun???

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