Spandex fetish wear and why

Thought I would post a photo and talk about the details of why our Diablo line is so popular.
The entire concept came about because I like having my own cock manipulated in ways that make sex more exciting, make my cock harder, let me last longer and work on stimulating the balls too.

Look closely at this photo and check out the adjustments that have all been created for one purpose. Better sex! It does not really matter if that sex is with a women, man, both or by yourself. It is about super charging your stimulation.

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4 thoughts on “Spandex fetish wear and why”

  1. Michael, I love your suits. I am excited you love experimenting with different materials, rings, pushing, pulling, exhibiting, teasing, see-thru, all the things I love about your suits and fetish wear.
    My dream suit would be the Deep Love concept, with the Diablo Insane cock and ball relationship. Then, working front to back, using the Diablo Arsenal ass ring connected to the Ass Invasion rear end. Now the Bonus feature would be an altered version of the Ass Spark….. a ring to capture the balls and pull them back to a larger diameter chrome butt plug ( think of the Anal Pacifier).
    The front could also have a shaft cover like the Smoking Gun. I like the idea of leaving the balls and Ass Spark exposed for when I want to show off my “secret”.
    I have an Ass Spark Double Bump. I love the way it feels. However, I find that it slips out sometimes.
    I would like to feel my balls pulled back while connected to a large double or single butt plug ball. Say 1 1/2″ to 1 3/4″. Now connect a cock ring to pull the base of my cock to keep it full and hard , watch the precum start to ooze. My balls are pulled back, my cock is pointed straight out and there is a wet spot on the end of my see-thru shiny metallic suit! Hello…. I hope you will consider this feedback….Keep up the good work!

  2. I love the photo! it makes reading your messages so much more meaningful!
    please keep including photos..when you mention a design you are wearing I dont have to go to the web site to remember what the suit looks like!

    regards, FRED

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