Tight tight fit for a custom suit

We have a a very good customer that likes us to make little changes to designs and some of his ideas end up as regular suits in our line up like the Smoking Gun Micro. We only do these special runs if the customer orders a minimum of 10 of the same exact designs and it takes a few weeks. His new idea was another take on the Smoking Gun Micro. He wanted a longer shaft but more narrow and he wanted the size of the ball pouch decreased. He had us make it in sheer nude and the out come is beautiful. I had one made for myself just to see how it fit.
Fantastic. It almost looks like the shaft would be to narrow but there is so much stretch in the fabric that it fits very snug around the shaft as an almost completely sheer second skin. It feels great and looks small but sexy! Anyone else interested in a suit like this?

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2 thoughts on “Tight tight fit for a custom suit”

  1. yes Michael, I’d definitely like one of these if you decide to make any more…it would fit my physique well

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