Beach day with bikini yoga

Wow we are still having this amazing summer weather in late January, still not sure about global warming? Did a few hours at the beach the other day and it was amazing and there were a fair amount of people out for a work day. I did the usual micro g-string. Later in the day as it was cooling off I decided to do some stretching and Yoga on the beach. I slipped of my g-string and decided to go almost bikini with a Polyamorous. This style is connected by a thin strap from pouch to rear so it still shows a whole lot of butt but is much more comfortable to stretch in then a g-string. I slipped on my tank top in matching black because it was breezy and got very into my yoga. It is not unusual to see people on Venice beach doing yoga and I had a lady put her blanket down close by and start do yoga too. It is not only relaxing but very sexy to do wearing so little. Women are always stretching and doing beach yoga in bikinis. I hope to start a new trend for the guys.

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