I want your feedback!!! New suits

Not that I am at a loss for thing to blog about but I would love to hear what your favorite topics would be. Bikinis, thongs, g-strings, micro swimwear, women’s suits, spadex/Lycra,fetish, fetish play, cock displays, sex in spandex, these are just some ideas.
I would like to hear about what turns you on and what you would like to hear more about!
Needless to say if it turns you on it most likely will do the same for the rest of us!!!!!
Thanks for joining in.

Just got an update on the production of our new designs. I figured they would be ready by March but my girls tell me all the new swim, fetish, anal and pouch only swimwear designs will be completed and in stock late February.

Mens swimwear

17 thoughts on “I want your feedback!!! New suits”

  1. I would like to see some really rad wetlook bikinis in shocking pink, purple, yellow, green, blue, red, etc.

    Also, could it be possible to make a suit out of that material which when you look at it straight on it looks normal , but when seen from a different angle you would be able to see right through it….and your assets would be on display for their inspection.

    How about a suit that has a sheath inside or some other method that will securly tuck your cock back between your legs for us of the feminine nature. (like an elastic band attached inside at the back with an adjustable loop at the other end that you can put around the end of your cockhead to hold it in the backward position)

    Just some random thoughts; you and your staff do a fantastic job already and I only wish I were able to purchase more from you. Keep up the great work.


  2. Hi Michael
    one thing I enjoy about Koalaswim is seeing the ordinary people (not professional models) trying on your suits, in the videos you post up at koalamensclub. I find it particularly stimulating when you get a straight man modelling, and one of your female “assistants” helps them to fit into the tiny suits, and fluffs them up. (More of that, please!) But all the videos are good – I enjoyed watching the latest one, a straight guy with a small cock (I identify!) – I liked your chat with him, you talked about your son for instance….so keep up the videos please, they are great viewing & certainly encourage me to buy more Koala gear

  3. What I like:
    -masculine looking swim/underwear
    -anal-clothing combos

    What i want to see in future:
    -more full backs (more masculine)
    -sounding combos (penis-hole plugging)

    Lastly, since its longer, I have never found a genuine thong/bikini combo. By this I mean the tight feel of a thong on your hole with the privacy of a bikini. I dont exactly care for “the answer” bikini you sell, but I always enjoy seeing the limits pushed.

    Keep up the creativity!!

  4. I like having my nipples played with so I wonder is it possible to create a suit that clamps and flow to the back, attached to a plug and ring combo? Been looking for a suit that can simulate all my favorite zones at once.

  5. I love thong .It is sad I am in China.I wish I could live in the usa,but it is too difficult to get a visa.

  6. Like I’ve said before, I love feminine colors. Pinks, hot pinks, purples, etc. Id also like a slingshot design. Thin straps that go over yours shoulder and have a tiny pouch. I also love ass spreaders. But I have to say I love g strings the most. Id also love designs with a plug holder and not an ass spark.

  7. I have been reading your blog and I notice you like to design suits that are erotic and also fem but still not design more suits like the undeniable orange with real side-ties. I have been buying the orange suits for my boyfriend for a while now and having to dye them different colors such as red, black and purple and so on. You asked for feedback so there it is. Have different colors. You could have a whole line of side-ties suits that could be worn any where and still be fem. Here is an idea undeniable black, undeniable yellow, undeniable red or undeniable purple or undeniable tiger or undeniable flora and they could all be side-tie and sexy, fem and so now and so hot. And another thing my boyfriend would wearing almost the same thing as I am when we go to the beach or partying and that would be so hot.

  8. I would like to see some of your “retro” bikini suits with the balls hanging free or exposed. I love the reaction I get when folks think that I wearing a regular bikini and have a double take when the spot my bals hanging out with just a little strip of fabric seperating them.

  9. I really like the over the shoulder slingshot style suits!! The “Boyfriend” suit has been a big hit in my collection!!

  10. Love watching men (straight or gay) trying on tight lycra thongs and bikinis! I am also not “big” but love the Koala gear because it makes you look big! Love all of it and wish you produced vids with average men trying on your gear.

  11. I am a total thong fanatic but have been enjoying a full back speedo-style suit these days! Rio backs don’t look good on anyone except your video models – thong or full!!!
    I would love to see more videos of men trying on your gear together: rubbing and grinding – just having “pg” fun. That is my fetish and it’s hard to find anywhere. I have all of Koala’s vids – Love a lot! Waiting for more of my fantasies!

  12. My wife and I (both bi) like the pouch-style products you offer. I have two…the micro-sport swimmers pouch and the foreskin pouch. Love both of them, although one of the metal grommets in the swimmers pouch pulled free (now I use the strings on the outside to tighten the suit around my cock). All our friends love the suits, male and female. I frequently wear the suit, along with fishnet stockings, during our house parties. Always a turn-on, your products are truly innovative and greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  13. Hi Just received my Bliss Control Freak. Living in Australia had to wait with antcipation but when it arrived could not wait to try it on. Wow I almost came just looking at it in the mirror. With a slight adjustment which was easy it displayed my cock and balls to a delight. I am going to the beach tomorrow, its hot here, and parade around to show it off. If I can get nice and hard it will be fantastic and be the envy of the beach. Great design and excellent quality. Well done


  14. Years ago I purchased a g-string that had separate pouches, one for the cock and the other for the balls. You had the choice of letting the cock swing free, or you could attach the bottom of the cock pouch to the balls pouch. It had very narrow side strings that came together at the crack in a Y where they merged into one for the crotch runner. I don’t see it on your website. Could you make another one in black, orange, or leather?

    I will do some research

  15. my lady and I both love most your suits. It’s spiced up our sex life and make us damn horny. we would love to see more spandex sex, specialy some close worship of a spandex bulge…. so hot to see a cock gettint bigger in tight and shiny lycra

  16. Michael David, PLEASE start making and selling lady’s swimming suits and thongs/bikinis/g-strings or t-backs! (Is a Koala Ladies Swimwear website in the works? =D) You would you be opening a completely new market for people who would VERY likely buy your stuff!

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