New pouch suit design and still beach days in Jan.

Had an appointment over the hill yesterday and it was so nice out I had to spend my lunch plus and extra hour or so at the beach. Amazingly enough there were a lot of people there on a Wed in January! Even though it was warm out the angle of the sun is not great and I had to tuck my micro pouch down lower between my legs. The suits with micro pouches work flawlessly this way. The benefit is that the bulge is out of the way and you get an even tan. You do look like a girl since there is no bulge showing even when people walk right up to you they cannot see it. It allows you to be very feminine. It allows you to be what I call legally nude. There were other guys in bikinis and thongs around me and a number of girls in bikinis. Not sure we will have much more of this awesome weather but it will be in the mid 80s near work and that demands some pool time.

We are now in production on a pouch only suit that is incorporated with the Ass Spark. I know I had mentioned the idea and talked about the prototype but the finished product is nothing less than outstanding and it is the most secure best coverage pouch only design we have ever offered. What makes it work so well is the Ass Spark combo cock ring anal plug sets a fantastic base for the pouch. The pouch it self fits snugly over the cock ring and the stimulation from the plug and the cock ring keep the pouch very full.

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