New suits and more fun

The pleasures of being completely hairless in your entire bikini area and completely tan from a micro g-string has its advantages even when it is to cold to tan in your g-string. It is just a little to cold to tan in a g-string at this time in good old SoCal but still needed a break yesterday and still craved a little sun on my body. Had my running tights on which I was wearing at work and took off to my favorite spot for my lunch break. Got there and there were lots of people walking around the building a in the pool area turns out there was an open house going on. If it was warn I would have stripped down to my micro g-string and enjoyed being stared at but it was just a little to cold so I grabbed my spot stripped off my shirt and was able to pull my tights down to the base of my penis. In fact my pushed in cock was at the spandex waistband. If you had hair you could not get away with this but being tan and hairless allowed my to show everything but cock without being bothered. Thats fun.
Tried on all 15 of the new designs today and had the girls snaps shots of me in them. Yes it is fun but the reason I do it is so I can go back look at the suits and give them names and copy. I will talk more about the fitting next time but as always it is an erotic experience.
The girls tell me the suits will be completely ready for sale way ahead of schedule but I am not getting to excited. I hope it happens. Two of the designs that were just completed today are based of the Bliss design. One is a bikini and the other a thong. I will go into more detail next time but I can say they are beyond amazing.

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  1. Please include a few of the photos the girls took when you talk about the new suits!

    I slip in one every once in a while

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