New designs and a short beach day

Hope your New Year weekend was a blast. We had a good time here with great weather. New Years day a bunch of us had lunch in Venice then walked around the board walk.  If you have never been to Venice it is an extremely exciting and interesting multi cultural location. Not only does it draw tens of thousands of locals but most likely about the same amount of tourists with temps in the 70s it was the place to be. Had a couple of parties yesterday but still had time to get a couple of hours at the beach. It was a little cooler out but still nice weather to tan in a micro. Almost no one on the beach but did have two very cute Italian girls laying out next to me in cute little string bikinis. Not bad for Jan 2.

One of the designs that came directly from customer suggestions is a Pussy Boy style fem suit with an anal hook incorporated into the design. After a few prototypes, it was not as easy as just adding a hook we got it right. Fem front anal hook rear and no doubt a suit that will make you want to blow a load and at the same time keep your cock in a vagina look state.
We are looking to have the entire new selection of designs added to our site within six weeks give or take. That would be one of our fastest updates ever!

Mens swimwear

Happy New Year

I hope you all have a safe wonderful healthy New Year!
I have some not so safe borderline insane swim and fetish wear suits coming your way in the New Year it should be fun!