Proud of what we do and a blow away new thong

Did you know that all our Mens swimwear and fetish wear designs are created and manufactured in the USA? In the county of Los Angeles to be exact. Did you know that about 50% of what we make goes to other countries. France, Germany, UK, Sweden, Korea, China, Japan, Australia,  just to name a few. As you may have guessed we are into erotic fantasy and many of our designs have been created with an eye towards helping our customers achieve heighten pleasures of the body and mind. Making the finest quality products and keeping our production in the USA during these times when most clothing manufactures have opted to go to China, Vietnam and other low cost labor countries is something we are very proud of. We have had many companies over the years send us samples of swimwear made overseas and the fact is there is no way to control and keep the quality at a level that our designs demand. The smaller a product is when made of spandex the harder it is to work on and the fact is our people are so skilled and we consider them part of our extended family that I would rather stop producing products than send the work overseas. Just needed to get that off my chest since there are so many extremely pour quality copies of our designs (many even use our photos) flooding the market. That said the holiday season this year was our busiest ever in 16+ years. Thanks for enjoying and appreciating the quality of our designs.

Another new design we are working on has a blowout style form fitting pouch that uses a new insanely erotic and cum inducing fabric. It is a rubberized spandex that has a texture that is guaranteed to get you aroused. The suit fits and looks stunning and it has made its way into production.

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  1. Keep up de good work. I hope that you had a good start of 2012. Love the suits you make including the quality and I do not mind to pay for quality made in the USA!

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