Swimwear Pouches and your balls

Balls are beautiful and packaged correctly they are awesome. I like wearing swimwear pouches that outline the exact shape of my balls and pack them tightly in a pouch that shows them firm and smooth. One of the things I like to see in a pouch is a nice shape from the rear view when you are laying out. Most of the suits I wear are g-strings and I want the strap or string that runs up my ass to start right at the balls. I want the shape of my ball sack clearly visible from the rear. When I see a girl wearing a g-string laying on her tummy with legs slightly spread I want to see the string start at the base of her opening. I want to see some exposed hole if she chooses to show it and I want the area clean of hair. That to me is a turn on and I want to look exactly the same. Hair free, smooth, hole showing if I wish and ball shape shown if I decide to pull the pouch back and not have it right under me.
When I wear a thong or bikini I still want a design that clearly outlines the balls and gives a nice rear view when laying out.

Would like to know your thoughts on showing balls. Covered or uncovered.
Or are you the type that wants to hide them?

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7 thoughts on “Swimwear Pouches and your balls”

  1. I haven’t contributed for a while, but this is one of my favorite subjects: BALLS! I agree completely with your comments: Balls are incredibly beautiful and should be emphasized in display, either from the front or the back, legs spread. When they are covered, a nice neat package is in order. But when they are exposed (my favorite), I like to see them split, as deeply as possible. When the balls are split (which also feels great!), it allows them to each have its own personality. I like to think of my right and left balls being two sexual organs, not one, each with its own appearance and feel. And I love to have my balls played with: from the front, from the back, from the middle, smooth sack, split sack, right ball, left balls. Just writing about them has given me a fabulous hard-on! BALLS, BALLS, BALLS!

  2. balls are beautiful, wether they are exposed or outlined by a hot fabric cut. Id love to show em in a hot koala outfit!!!!

  3. I share your feelings about balls. Men can be as sexy as women, thanks to you. I am attracted to people who can be honest about who they are. I love to feel my balls gently tugged or pulled down, which makes the skin of my penis tight, and sensitive. I like to have my balls pulled back and see my hard cock all by itself, with smooth skin all around and no balls. I like to feel my balls bunched up between my buns when I walk. My balls look shiny and tight when I look at them from behind. Maybe there could be a suit that shows the area between the isolated penis and the balls tucked back to the anus. The best blow job ever was when my balls were pulled back, and a finger or two in my hole.
    Michael you have a talent of knowing how much skin to show. I agree seeing the “taint” on a smooth ass is so hot. I like it when the skin on my balls tightens up and you can see the change of skin texture. Thanks to you for allowing men to show off the same way as women.

  4. When at the beach i like to have a pouch that shows you complete package outline, cock and balls; i prefer to have them in one pouch, even though Koala has some very interesting designs with “separate” pouches for cock and balls. I have some fem suits as well, but ‘showing’ your material gets me a lot wet and harder and that’s the way i prefer to be at the beach; i believe it’s a very erotic sensation to tease the people who attend the beach and it gets me very hard. When at home at intimate moments i like to have the balls as spreaded as possible; i believe the diablo line is particularly appropriate for this sensation and it is incredibly sexy and teasing.
    Maybe a swimsuit with the diablo concept, in which you spread by all means possible the balls and then compress them not only with the rubber rings, but also with the fabric needed to go to a regular beach, be it with a full or 3/4 back, or with a thong/g-string rear type, could be a ‘winner’.

  5. Could not agree more with you. This is why my absolute favorite in Koala designs are the Camel Toe with Full back with its three separate pouches and the Taste Me suits. Both show the balls (and shaft) in the most perfect display. I wore them so often at the beach in France during the last ten years or so that I have already used up 2 of each.
    And I am desperate because I will not be able to replace the Camel Toe!! It is really too bad that so many awesome suits have been discontinued!! Michael, pleeeeeease do something about it!

    PS: the next in line would be the Diablo bikini, but have not got mine yet!

  6. Now unavailable, I liked the balls-exposing Koala Nailed design you put out 10 years ago. Pink double-string up rear from penis-enclosing tube up front which held penis upright to string waist, leaving each ball split out each side at base.

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