Couple of questions

First Victor one of the posters and Koala customers says he loves the Speck Bulge but would like to see it in a single strap instead of the double. What do you think? In fact I would like your opinion on double strap rears versus single.

In the spirit of the Academy Awards I would like to know what male and female actors you would most enjoy seeing wearing a micro tiny tiny g-string or maybe a completely sheer bikini swimsuit. Take your pick!

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5 thoughts on “Couple of questions”

  1. My pick for the actor I’d like to see in a micro g-string? That’s easy Cameron Diaz. She’s the hottest woman in films.

    As for the straps, I’m more of a sing strap guy.

  2. The double strap rear appears to present a major discomfort to the ass crack, especially the two rings.
    One strap with one ring higher up might be less troublesome. Can the ring be placed above the crack?
    Wouldn’t that look good, also?

    Double straps feel great to me but everyone is different.
    I will take a look at your idea

  3. hi,
    For the straps, I always like the look of singles better than doubles and I am guessing they are much more comfy too. I was happy to see this time around with the new designs you did the one I suggested here which was the fem style with the asspark, but it is way too much for me to afford one.
    As for stars in your designs, I hear that Liam Neeson is the hung better than any in hollywood so it would be cool to see him in one, especially a fem style.

  4. I have tried the double straps and for me , they dont work well so I do not ever buy them anymore . I prefer the single strap as the double straps just slide off all the time and fit and feel wierd .

  5. i do not find the doulbe strap comfortable. it seems that it is always sliding down.
    i prefer the single but wouldlike it the size of a piece of thread.
    i would love to see brad pit in a tiny sheer bikini.

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