Creating New designs, AMEX charge cards!!!

Business before pleasure… Just found out today that we have been having a problem processing AMEX cards. We use Bank Of America and last month they switched every company they service to a new credit card processing company. We have been trying to fix a problem with their system when customers use AMEX cards. We finally figured out the problem today and now AMEX cards from all countries should be working fine. Sorry for any inconvenience it might have caused.

As amazing as it might seem we have all the new suits for the up-coming collection in stock and should be doing a live photo shoot next week. Can’t wait to see the suits on someone other than myself.
Another amazing thing is that as of last Thursday we had shipped out all back-order suits and the girls told me to get them new designs to work on. As of today we have a few back order designs but they will all ship out next week. I have created ten new designs and the girls are working on samples this weekend. I hope to be trying on new 2012 Summer designs next week. I am so proud of how our production people have been kicking as the last couple of months. This has enabled Koala to introduce more new designs and collections and bring them to our customers faster then ever. All still with the best craftsmanship and of course all proudly made in the USA.

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