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First here is the link to our latest newsletter it just came out today.
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I tried the new Secret Temptation suit, this is the design that completely but stealthy exposes your pushed in penis and covers the balls with solid white spandex. It is made to look like the ball pouch is covering everything. The last couple days have been great sun days here and I used this suit around the pool. Yesterday they had another open house and many people walked by me, a couple brokers stopped to ask me questions about the complex and I am sure they had no idea my cock head was exposed looking eye to eye with them. The fabric covering the head is sheer white but when you mix in the skin it looks like an interesting pattern which no one would expect to be cock. Shocking and fun.
This design should be online in two weeks give or a take a couple days.

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3 thoughts on “Newsletter link and exposed penis suit”

  1. hey md
    you like to wear super mico and see thru swim suits to the beach.
    do you wear the same type of underwear?


  2. Michael David, if I may make a suggestion: I swear to buy another product of yours if you make a t-back g-string version of your Work That Cock bikini. Will you please, pretty pretty please make one? =D

    By a t-back, I mean something like this:

    Speaking of t-backs, I would definitely buy more of your products if you integrated t-backs into more of your products. They are more comfortable than g-strings and they look sexier! =D

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