Photo shoot and cute story

Just letting all the KMC members know that they will be doing a live photo shoot with us as we take shots of all our new designs for the latest collection. That will be Thursday 16 at 6:00PM PST

Today was just warm enough to get a quick tan and nap in. Figured there would not be a soul out there because it was just in the mid 60s. Decided to pop on a Testosterone Pouch suit and do my almost completely naked routine around the pool. The times I have used it no one bothers me but I never do it in the summer just in case kids are using the pool. I must of passed out the few few minutes I was there. A great little nap and just enough heat from the sun to keep my virtually nude body warm. When I opened my eyes one of my neighbors was a few feet away reading a book. Our pool gets very little use on any weekday and in the winter almost none at all. I consider it my private paradise though if anyone uses it what could be considered regularly it would be him. He has seen me in just about everything. He’s much older and is always wearing long shorts as he reads. Out of no where he asked me what I was wearing and I told him it is a pouch suit and that it is as close as I can come out here to nude sunbathing. He said I have to show my wife that and disappeared. I though he was kidding but a few minutes later returned with his wife. I had seen her before but she is not out nearly as much as her husband. She said hi and said he’s right you are not wearing a thing. I said enough to cover a little bit and laughed. She then chatted on about how when Venice beach in Los Angeles was a nude beach in the 60s and 70s a legal nude beach that they would go to every nice weekend. I said that was wonderful and mentioned that it was ridiculous that we no longer had nude beaches in LA. Of all places on the planet how could LA no longer offer nude beaches? They both agreed and even at their age I would bet they would still be out there!

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  1. It’s wonderful to discover and meet people who are open to nudity and almost-nudity, who are accepting of the range of sexual expression.. especially people who just look “normal”! 🙂

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