Your ideas! Bikini, thongs, mens swimwear, Lycra fetish

I would love to hear some of your ideas for new designs. I am working on a new batch right now this is the perfect time to get more user feedback and input.  What is your dream suit, what would you most like to see that we do not have. It can be swimwear or fetish wear. What would blow you away.

We will have the newest designs online this week. Last Thursdays live shoot went great. We had many new designs that had anal insertion parts and a model who never had a toy up his ass. It was a challenge but just his willingness to try it shows how much more main stream anal sex is becoming for straight guys too. It is to much fun to miss out on. We had a great shoot, the new designs looked hot oo the model. We had Jamie our fluffer/suit fit consultant help the model put on all the designs. She was the first to get to his very tight hole. After the shoot he asked when the next one was and said that he enjoyed it all.

Mens swimwear

6 thoughts on “Your ideas! Bikini, thongs, mens swimwear, Lycra fetish”

  1. I love your blog site, and of course your swimwear line. One suggestion I have is for a “beach or pool legal” speedo style, bikini, that becomes sheer and/or see through when wet. Perhaps you already have something like this in your line?

    You might want to look at the Pleasure Chest
    awesome style and sheer when wet

  2. I have commented on this before Mike but you have not designed it yet. Here it is, I love the way my boyfriend looks in your orange undeniable side-tie string bikini because it matches my side-tie bikini when we go to the beach but you have not designed any new side-tie bikini that is family beach friendly like the undeniable orange suit yet. Please for your next collection have some really sexy side-tie bikini like the undeniable orange but in different colors or even in floral designs. I want my boyfriend to look super sexy when he and I go to the beach this summer. Thanks Mike.

    are you looking for a full back bikini?

  3. I bought the Sheer Evolution from Koala in 2003 and would like to see something similar. The material was a blue sheer patterned mesh material with a full back. It felt close to nude and could be seen through up-close. Maybe you could do a half or quarter back this time. That was my favorite suit until it wore out. Another product line you might add are personal shavers. I use a Body Bare rechargable that leaves the pubic area very smooth without irritation.

  4. Thongs and bikinis with the mesh and/or sheer pouch. The tied up pouch showing your “junk” but contained within the suit. Would like to see a style that could be worn with a coverup crotch or crotchless. No interest in anal plugs, etc.

  5. You asked what we like in shorts. Nothing suggests intimacy to me more than terry cloth. (I still remember the high school pep squad in white terry jumper suits!) I’ve had some square short shorts made that are split at the sides and overlap an inch. They fasten on each hip with velcro, have faux pocket flaps in front, as well as a faux fly. I bought a thin terry to let it move more and I’ve never had as much fun with a pair of shorts. Best wishes on your new line,

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