4 thoughts on “Hot male chastity photos and a new c-string style swimsuit”

  1. hay M. D. I want to say that the new Trophy Sling C-String is smokin hot and I will order one maybe two soon and also some other hot suits and the male toys to add to my collection as you may know I have been a ” long time ” customer buying lots of Koala’s hot nasty suits and I can only say that this company really makes the “best” suits for us men that love to show off out ass-sets…. and believe me I get lots of comments !!!!!!!

  2. would be so much better if there was a link to the actual pix or post or info it is too damn hard to find on the site. whoever sends these is stupid

  3. Rather that a thin strip between your cheeks, I would rather be penetrated as from how it looks would easily fall off and your suits have the better look and no danger of coming off unless required.

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