Name that tune..naming swimwear and fetishwear

One of the most creative thought processes for me is coming up with names for swimwear, fetish wear and sex wear designs. Next to designing suits and trying them on it is one of my duties I enjoy most. We get tons of people asking where and how do we come up with our crazy suit names. One of the main reasons I have photos taken of me wearing each design is to help me name the style and write the copy for it. Most of the designs almost seem to name themselves. The way the suit feels on, the way the suit makes me feel and the visuals that the suit exudes are all factored into the name.
Thought I would just post this note because I am in the middle of naming new designs.
If you have a new name that really turns you on feel free to post it here. At the very least it will get posted in my brain and you never know it just might end up on a suit!

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