not working hard at all:-)

I have been in New Orleans the last few days having a great time. It is my first time here. Great city, amazing people watching and the Jazzfest is awesome.

Will be back to creating wild bikinis, thongs and g-strings starting Monday. Hope you all are having a great weekend! Hope to draw inspiration from my visit.

Mens swimwear

2 thoughts on “not working hard at all:-)”

  1. you should cum during mardi gras – think you’ll be enjoying the city even better!

    I thought it was great

  2. I love New Orleans… Very sexy people and lots of fun. Every time I go I make mew friends and enjoy their nightlife. Next time I go I will bring with me a L
    Koala piece to showoff! I hope it gave you good inspiration!!!

    I had a great time there!

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