Such a cute men’s swimsuit

This as yet un-named design is just so cute I thought I would share the photo of me in it.
We made one sheer in the last collection and had many guys asking for a solid suit. I like the way this design shows just a bit of balls but in my opinion can still be used at the beach for sun bathing. What do you think?  This design will be out with our May collection.

Mens swimwear

7 thoughts on “Such a cute men’s swimsuit”

  1. FUCK YES! Definitely wearable for sunbathing. I’m totally shaved like you and absolutely love the way your cock and balls are primarily “tucked away”. Plus, it gives the effect of a beautifully shaven pussy. I definitely will order one in May. Will you have it in white? It would look awesome in a glossy, thin white fabric. Beautiful design and photo!

    Thanks for sharing….Chris

  2. Very hot! Would love to see you wearing that suit in a pool…… swimming and fluttering those fabulous legs in the water!

    Thanks you are way to kind!

  3. Hi Michael,this pouch looks great to me ,,it is so minimal,but looks comfortable too,if it is good to wear for all day use then i for one would like to hear from you,It sure is sleek and sexy.

    It is very comfortable to wear!

  4. This is a terrific suit for sunning! I do not think it shows too much. The pouch could be a little narrower or cut away a little further on the sdes to let the ball sack out more. There are more than enoght “conservative suits to choose from. Men need the same freedom aswomen to sun in minimal suits!

  5. Oooooooh I love the teardrop design! I’d love to see it available as a thong and rio back.

    I think we will do a number of styles based off that front cut

    Mens swimwear

  6. The suit looks like it will be a lot of fun to wear. I’ll be looking for it next month … if it has a g-string back. I only cover my butt when I have to to do.

    It covers very little ass

  7. That is a beautiful picture of a very beautiful garment. Your swimsuits are so wonderful to wear

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