Tried it again with great results and take a peek

I have said it before but there is one suit I just can’t wait until summer to wear on a very crowded beach. That is the Secret Temptation. It looks like a narrow cut g-string but if you look at the photos on you can see the panel covering your penis is completely sheer. The balls are help in a solid pouch and all people will think that the pouch holding your balls is holding everything! The sheer pouch holds your shaft which is pushed inside of you so only the head or some cock skin(I like pushing my head in too and folding shaft skin over it)
Looks exactly like part of the fabrics designs. I wore it yesterday around the pool. Being Easter Vacation and very nice out the were a handful of people enjoying the sun. I chatted it up with a few neighbors and none of them knew they were looking at my exposed cock. I know that is a little warped but it turns me on!

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  1. I wore my new koala for the first time in front of my wife on a beach in the Caribbean just thus week. The exhilaration was beyond words as I fought back my throbbing cock from breaking out of my suit. My ass looked phenomenal, as I lay at the end of the topless pier at my resort the men mustve been very surprised to see a perfectly presented package after I turned over to tan my glistening thighs and chest. Later I took some very sexy pictures of myself in the room, I want to post them under my free KMC page under legit. Michael, I want you to see my photos, but there is some tech issue, I can’t log on. I could just send a few pictures to your personal email. Xox thanks for the hot suits.

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    tell carlos what the problem is. We want to see your pictures!!!!!

  2. I JUST ordered a shy slut suit, yellow will look hot on my tanned, toned trimmed body. I will have to shave around my shaft especially above my cock. I can’t wait for your koala users site to come back online. I have a lot of pictures that have been stacking up waiting to he posted. Shall I send you a few preview shots?

    Yes you should!!!

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