Up or down tell me about your shaft!

Most of the Koala designs are for shaft facing down with some penis pointing into fabric and and just a handful are for wearing shaft up. I am working on new designs and since we have hired more people our production is going great. The girls are asking for new designs all the time. Wondering if there is demand out there for thongs, bikinis and g-strings that feature the shaft up look.

Let me know your thoughts on the subject.

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13 thoughts on “Up or down tell me about your shaft!”

  1. Hi
    I love to wear shaft up suits! Women love it! It turns them on! I look like I am rready for action.
    Specifically, a suit that is micro style with a brazilian rear would be my request. How about the color blue? goes with my eyes…. or turquoise or green…

  2. Hello M.D.,
    First I want to say to you, I think that the designs that you create are the hottest and as I very loyal,long time customer, I want to tell you, ” Thank-You” for giving we men out there something to look forward to wearing either out in public of knowing that I have on something that is hot,nasty and erotic and know one knows that I have this on…… Too bad for them, but it’s really hot,nasty and sexy to think that I have on something that when I get the chance to show it off, I want to make others jealous with green envy.
    Wow, when I think that for all of these years that I have been buying from Koala, I want to reassure you-you have a life customer that will always buy Koala Swimwear and happily try to show the suits off to others and I promise that I will be the lucky one, because,I will be getting off thinking that I have on some of the ” Very Best ” swimwear and I don’t always need to swim to enjoy the feeling !!!!!!!!!!
    I like some men out there, love to show off and feel my Feminine side and thanks to you, I can do it without anyone ever knowing that I love to be feminine too !!!!!
    I hope that there will be more and more hot nasty and very sexy suits that you and your team create to let us guys show what Koala has to offer to make us look (or at least try,lol) hot,nasty and sexy………..
    A very loyal customer,
    Ron Chacon

    Thanks Ron!!!

  3. I usually wear the shaft down suits, but I like the shaft up designs for an occasional change. My choice would be a design that clearly outlines or highlights the shaft and balls, but keeps everything covered, paired with a thong or small-coverage rear.

  4. Id love a slingshot version on the prostitute swimsuit. I love the hot pink and fem style but I also love the slingshot design. If you would make anything like that is be sure to buy. And any way to incorporate an anal spreader would rock too. Love your stuff as always!


    Mens swimwear

  5. Always shaft up with tiny tight front of suit, head just peeking with a penis plug that has a small jewel in the top the ladies love playing with it.

  6. I like my boyfriend to wear his shaft down. It looks more sexy to me when the front of his bikini is nearly flat (almost girlie like) all my girlfriends say it is sexy to not have a man showing a big cock bulge. What do you say?

    Not having a big cock myself..I agree

  7. I am a shaft-down guy, but my boyfriend is shaft-up, so I think there is some guys out there who would like shaft-up suits. However, a down suit is more discreet and better for public beach in my opinion.

    btw, I purchased my first Koala suit 12 years ago when I was still a teenager. However, I have switched to another designer who takes custom orders. Will you ever custom make suits? Thanks.

  8. I can’t say I just like one way, it depends on my mood & situation. I do find the shaft forwards (3D) pouch very comfortable, (like your Ballz thong, which I really like.) If I’m wearing a tight bikini that is not too tiny upfront, I can choose whether my shaft is up or down. Being small, it’s not too explicit if my shaft is up (as long as I’m not aroused). In general, I like a push-out pouch but not one where the shaft has to be vertical. Having said that, I’ve thought of one exception. Your PSTT design was very sexy to wear. (I think that’s the name you gave it – penis shaft something technology?) It pushed the balls & upright shaft forwards into the pouch, using vertical elastic straps inside the pouch.
    I bought one in mesh fabric, and now I wish I’d got one in stretchy lycra that I could swim in – please bring that design back! Really sexy to wear.

  9. I wear it down and tucked back as far as I can. I enjoy your products and think you should continue making interesting and fun clothing. Tripple steel balls on a cock ring or anal hook would be nice.

    That does sound like fun!

    Mens swimwear

  10. Shaft Up!! I find shaft down very uncomfortable. Like the feel of the snake against me.

    Mines not big enough to feel like a snake:-)

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